Sunday, February 19, 2017

On The Border

Hello Everyone,
Little skinny border.....check ✔
Bigger pieced border....check ✔  

Two more borders and one flange to go to make this quilt perfect for a queen.........sized bed that is!  Normally I would be taking a picture of this outside, but it's been raining constantly and I don't want the quilt to shrink.

Significant amounts of rain and snow are predicted for California over the next few days...YIKES!  I have never seen so many warnings and alerts, from flooding to high winds and blowing snow.  We could be in for a wild night up here in the mountains!



Saturday, February 18, 2017

Just a Tease

Hello Everyone,
Just a tease this morning to give you an idea how the borders are going to look on Prairie Flower.

I got all of the pieced borders together and the little strip of rust sewn on the quilt when the power went out.  Since I couldn't sew, I cut up the remaining fabrics and started working on my pieced backing.

Here is a picture of the pieced corner block that didn't make the cut.  In the grand scheme of the quilt, it just looked funny....almost lost.  Mr. Joe even weighed in on the subject, and he liked the pinwheel block better too.  I really had to sharpen up my math and drafting skills to create this block.  It was a good exercise in futility.

It sounds like I'd better quilt like crazy today.  The atmospheric river or pineapple express is headed our way Sunday night into Monday.  We are going to be pelted again with rain and wind.  I have to get myself over to Sonora on Tuesday to teach a full Patchwork Math at Quail's Next Quilt Company.  I may have to break out the kayak and paddle.
If you don't hear from me in a few days, I'm probably relaxing on the couch and reading during a power outage.  Or I'm taking Mazey for a walk in the rain and wind.  She's just like a little kid and loves to play in the puddles.  Whatever you do, I hope you have a great weekend.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Machine Quilting Suggestion

Hello Everyone,
No, we didn't get another Golden....but we've thought about it.  This just happens to be my favorite picture of Mazey.  So why show you this? 

Well, I'll tell you.  Suzanne brought her beautiful quilt into the shop and asked me for my suggestions on how to quilt it.

I thought about this quilt below, and suggested this overall machine quilting design.

Here is a great picture where you can see the quilting on the back.  The rotating wavy lines make an excellent overall pattern which can be easily achieved on a domestic sewing machine.  This is much denser than an overall pantograph.  Each block of quilting covers four pieced blocks.

You can tell in this picture how the quilting transitions from one set of four blocks to another set of four.  This is great way to quilt a 'busy' quilt.

I'm still working on borders for Prairie Flower.  Hopefully I'll have something to show you tomorrow. I spent a very frustrating day yesterday on the corner blocks.  I got out my drafting paper, EQ7 software and scrapped the whole idea about 8pm. I tried, really tried, and I'll show you my rejected blocks tomorrow. I'll look at it with fresh eyes this morning.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
Let's start your day with a smile and a mini quilt show from "my girls".  Barbara has a new beauty to add to her completely finished list of quilts.

In fact she has two quilts to add to her completely finished column. This is Barbara's family tree with family members names embroidered in the tree.  Trust me they are there even though you can't see them in this picture.

Suzanne stopped by the shop, and I asked her to debut her flimsy for us.  This was a block of the week offered by In Between Stitches.  She loved this quilt so much (for good reason), she made two of them.  She said the little blocks are very addicting.

Barbara G. put her borders on and added a flange to her Walk in the Park quilt.  Another beautiful quilt came out of the Let's Make a Diehl class.  What fun and a job well done!

Now we have Suzanne's little mini cutie just in time for Valentine's Day.

Kristi made this little guy using the new appliquick method of applique.  She really likes that method.

Melody is using her fabric layout sheet as she makes blocks for Scrappy Leaves.  This pattern is all about the placement of the background fabrics, and that is the purpose of the layout sheet.


Barbara B. is making good progress on her batik quilt.  During the last class, she just began work on the floral wreaths.

Isn't this the perfect fabric for a pineapple?

Valery finished her first block for Spoken For. I love the fussy cut flowers.

I prepared the parts and pieces for another Spoken For block for me!  I'm teaching this class at In Between Stitches on Saturday, February 25th.  Click HERE for more information. 

The new one is going to be entirely different than the first Spoken For while I combine reproduction fabrics with non-reproductions.  You know the saying, so many quilts, so little time. 

You've probably heard that California has been inundated with torrential rains.  We have gone from drought conditions over the past four/five years, to way too much rain.  Topping many news programs is the problem with Oroville Dam.  I lived in Northern California while that dam was built, so I watched it grow during my teenage years.  The dam looms over the town of Oroville like a beast ready to pounce.  Scary stuff.  I'm so glad the residents in the valley were able to return to their homes after they fled with little notice over the weekend.  Hopefully this next round of storms won't be as powerful as the storms at the beginning of the month.  Fingers crossed. Keep calm and quilt on.


Monday, February 13, 2017

Prairie Flower Progress

Hello Everyone,

Since you haven't heard a peep out of me in days, you were probably thinking I was slacking off again. Not to worry, I was working on Prairie Flower.  The center is the three borders are on tap for this week's to-do list.

I have been machine appliqueing all of the leaves and red flowers on the squares, (which is about as interesting as watching paint dry), so I didn't post pictures of the entire process.  Toward the end, I did get pretty fast at the machine applique.  Yesterday morning, Mazey woke me up at 5am, and I completed the final 28 leaves and flowers before breakfast. (And no, we didn't eat at noon!)  In the afternoon, after a break to watch our grandson play Flag Football, I stitched the rows together.

My sister Gail made all of the 28 blocks for me for the pieced border!  So all I need to do'll see soon.  The fabrics I used in this quilt are called Conestoga Crossing by Pam Buda for Marcus Fabrics.  Check out Pam's blog HERE.

Today I have a bunch of orders to mail and computer work to complete before I can start in on the pieced border. Since I'm still nursing my leg back to health, I haven't been very attentive in the housework department.  Mr. Joe has been doing yeomen's duty, but his idea of clean and neat and my idea of clean don't always mesh. Since I can write my name in bold script across every surface in the house, I think it is time to dust!

Spring is just around the corner and that means watching the grand kids play Little League, fast-pitch softball, and flag football.  I don't think we will be home on the weekends until the middle of Summer.  I wouldn't have it any other way.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Magnificent Antique Sampler

Hello Everyone,
Just a quick post this morning to show you Laurie's finished Antique Sampler quilt by Sue Daley.

This was a BOM offered by In Between Stitches a couple of years ago. Laurie worked on it faithfully, and look at the heirloom quilt she has to show for it.  She is going to enter this quilt in the Amador Valley Quilter's show in April.  I think I see a Best of Show ribbon in Laurie's future.

But wait, there's more.  It is hand quilted too!  It is spectacular!

Well done Laurie!  You are inspirational!


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Let's Make a Diehl" Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
The walls in the classroom were beautifully decorated with Kim Diehl projects during my "Let's Make a Diehl" class.  The depth of color was spectacular.
Suzanne is on a roll with her creations from the Simple Whatnots program.

The Simple Whatnots programs always offer an interesting or new technique.

I'm visualizing cross-hatching in the border.

Cindy made this beauty using homespuns.

Here's another one of Cindy's quilts made with homespuns.

We also worked on Journey's End, which is all of the little houses.  We ran out of room on the walls! Journey's End is a BOM offered by In Between Stitches.  The blocks are fun and easy.

My version of Walk in the Park is below the houses. 

I still have to quilt this one.  It didn't make it under the needle before Christmas.

Gail is really cranking out her blocks for Walk in the Park.

More Journey's End blocks.


Today I get to stay home......home sweet I've missed you!  I get a chance to reacquaint myself to my sewing room, which is an absolute mess!  It is also time to get caught up on some paperwork for the pattern business, emails, and I should spend some time on taxes.  Yes, it is that time again.

My leg is so much better, and I'm slowly getting back to normal.  There are times when I have to remind myself that I still need to take it easy.  That just isn't in my DNA.....there are too many quilts to make!


Sunday, February 5, 2017

Mini Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Here are a few pictures of just a few of the many quilts at the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Show.  Today is the last day of the show so get here while the gettins' good!
The show started with an opening tribute to our Veteran's.  The tears were flowing.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow of the quilts made by the talented guild members.

These are all pot holders on display.  This quilter has made over 1,800 potholders.  Most of which were donated.

This has been the best show EVER for me!  My booth location, the number of attendees, the fact that I'm new to the area all played a roll in my success at the show.  Not to mention my sister Gail, my accountant, who hasn't been skimming from the proceeds!    LOL!

We have met so many wonderful people over the past three days, all so warm, and welcoming.  Many blog readers have introduced themselves which is so much fun for me.  We've visited with lots of our friends and made many new ones. 

We will pack up this afternoon, and head for home with many happy memories.