Monday, November 6, 2023

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Day 1

 Hello Everyone,

Here are just a few pictures from my November retreat. As soon as the cars were unpacked the quilters started right in quilting.

The retreat started off with my little talk and positive affirmation for the day.  I have only one rule, and that is you have to sit with someone you don't know at mealtime.  So many friendships have been made over a meal.

Everyone came over to my cabin for an appetizer dinner and we feasted our way through the evening.

We have a gentleman at the retreat this year. Corky and his bubbly wife Stacey came from Chicago.  Corky is the quilter in the family.

Mazey greeted everyone as they arrive.  She got so many lovies. 

Corky had fun sitting on the saddle barstools.

The retreat is off to a great start.  Since I hosted four retreats this year, I was able to include 8 new attendees.  The fire will be going down at the Lodge this morning, the coffee will be ready, the quilters will start arriving, and we are all set to start a beautiful day in the mountains.  



  1. Any signs of snow this week? We are having some heavy ran here in Penngrove! Have a great week!

  2. Oh...I see so many old and even a new friend (yes, Debbie, it's you!) I SO miss being there....hugs to everyone!

  3. Sounds wonderful !! Enjoy