Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Unplugged and Reflecting

Hello Everyone,

I've unplugged from the outside world for the last few days and focused on enjoying my own home and decorating for Christmas right after the company left from Thanksgiving.  There are seven windows in our dining room, and at night it looks as though there are seven Christmas trees.


We had friends over for dinner last night which made me accelerate the decorating process.  The fire was going, and the Christmas music was playing which was a great way to start the Christmas season with some good friends.

I have boxes of cabin-themed ornaments which I didn't use this year.  I think I have enough ornaments to decorate those seven trees reflected in the windows.  This year I seemed to be very nostalgic and used ornaments I haven't placed on the tree in years past.

My mother made these little 'Santa's Slippers' probably forty years ago.

She also made these ornaments called Christmas Capsules.....again over forty years ago.

I remember placing this ornament on my grandmother's tree over 65 years ago.

My mother made these little ornaments out of old-fashioned clothes pins.  She hand painted the little faces on each and every clothespin.

My parents gave me this ornament the year our daughter was born.  Our daughter is now 44.

As I placed each ornament on the tree, my thoughts traveled back to helping my grandmother decorate her tiny, artificial tree.  She made the best molasses cookies which was always a wonderful and much anticipated treat for us.  

I know my mother and grandmother would be thrilled to know their ornaments are still in use so many decades later.  Traditions are what Christmas is all about.  Traditions and giving of yourself to others.  So, fix a nice meal and invite friends over. Make something special for that special someone.  Reflect back on past holidays and bring the spirit alive again in your heart. I'm remembering the aroma of the molasses cookies baking which transport me back to my grandmother's kitchen. Heavenly.


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  1. Yes! Simply "Yes!"...Paula B.

  2. It makes my heart ache when I think of the precious ornaments passed down. I have a few that were my moms. She was a single mom so we didn't have many.