Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sewn Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
All of this creativity is brought to you by my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls who come to class once or sometimes twice a month to work on their projects.  Fall and Christmas were in the air yesterday.


There are going to be several Harvest of Hope quilts finished just in time for Fall this year.

I was shocked yesterday when Irene told me this was her first time appliqueing!  She is doing a fantastic job!  She has been coming to my class for quite a few months now, and she was so proficient that I assumed she's been appliqueing for years.  Some people are just born to applique, and Irene is certainly one of them.

Isabelle is working on the top section of her harvest quilt.  All of her parts and pieces are prepared and now comes the fun part.....the stitching.  I love to work on the stitching.  It's not work to me, it's a very relaxing and comforting feeling to see it come together.

Evelynne has created a wonderful little scarecrow that is so realistic.  Look at his burlap face, feather in his hat and the raffia for straw.  He is just as cute as he can be.  His little jacket is flannel and his cuffs are satin.  Great attention to detail!

Love the bees flying around the sunflower.

Vivian is all finished with her appliqued blocks for Toyland Tree.  She is down to the yo-yo's now and she can start putting her quilt blocks together.

Gail has almost 100 of her little blocks made so far for her For the Love of Baskets.  She's on a roll now!  She bought her border fabric and backing yesterday in anticipation of reaching the finish line.

Susan has the top half of her 3D Noughts and Crosses sewn together now.  The rest of the blocks are made and this will soon be in the finish column.  Susan's quilt is so beautiful, others in the class want to make this design from Quilt Sue's Pick Four book.

You can see how busy my girls have been since our last meeting.  Their work decorates the design walls at In Between Stitches.  It is a feast of eye candy!


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone,
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter with family and friends.

My dear friend Isabelle, made this fabulous needlepoint bunny and gave it to me for Christmas two years ago.  Isabelle is from France, and this was the perfect place to display my French Rabbit.

I get a lot of mileage out of this little buggy.....from quit show displays to the bay window at our house.

Have a blessed day.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Patchwork Math Workshop

Hello Everyone,
As promised, pictures from the Patchwork Math workshop brought to you by the Paradise Ridge Quilters.  The girls were VERY productive!  We had a lot of material to cover, and they dug right in learning the math and making quilting components.

After our delicious lunch provided by the attendees, blocks started appearing on the design wall and at their workspace.

They all made the same components, yet the blocks all look so different! 

The girls now know the formulas to make all of these components, any size they want. 

They can make the components to design their own blocks.  Or they can use them in sashings or borders......they are only limited by their imagination.

The classroom was HUGE!  The girls had large tables with plenty of space, and excellent lighting.

There were cutting stations and 3 large ironing stations.

The girls would gather in front of the screen while I presented the step-outs for each component.

The little grey and white cobra-looking thing on the left is a document camera.  I can place the camera over my workstation and project the imagery on the screen.  The camera allows me to teach to large groups.  Everyone gets the same perspective, and the picture is vivid in a bright room.

It always helps to have an extra set of eyes and ears around the room.  Gail can make the components in her sleep, and her help was invaluable during the class.  She enjoys helping and the girls enjoyed her!

I missed getting pictures of a few of the blocks.....I'm sorry to those that were left out.  I look forward to seeing all of you again for another workshop.  You were so much fun, very creative, and a total joy.  The Paradise Guild treats their teachers like royalty, and we would both return in a heartbeat.  Our hometown is full of good people, and good quilters.  Being able to spend time with you was like coming home, and you made us feel so welcome.  Thank you all.


Friday, April 18, 2014

Another Day in Paradise

Hello Everyone,
I'm back home after spending 3 wonderful days in Paradise with the Ridge Quilters' Guild


The lecture and workshop were both  held in the Senior Center and the facility was perfect!  There was a nice, spacious, well lit room for the lecture.

The last time I was in this room was for my 25th class reunion.  I won't tell you how many decades ago that was!

When I was first contacted by two of the guild members Ann and Ginger, they asked me to speak about growing up in Paradise during the 1950's , that "double dog" dare you time in my life.  I tied the experience of living in Paradise with my career as a cartographer, and transitioned into the similarities between map making and quilting.

The guild members were a very attentive group and they are all saying hello to you!

Many of the members displayed beautiful quilts during the show and tell session.  I was so busy, I didn't get the opportunity to take pictures of more member quilts.  Take my word for it, the ladies are very talented!

Another highlight was meeting beautiful Brandie from A Brandie Creation. I felt an instant bond as we've been reading and commenting on each others blog for years.  I coerced Brandie into being "a human quilt rack" along with Gail throughout the talk.  Brandie also took my workshop the following day. 

There are so many people to thank for making our visit so special.  All of you made Gail and me feel so welcomed.  Many of you offered assistance on set up and take down.  We couldn't have done it without your efficient help.  Both Gail and I were taken with the warmth of your kind words, and hugs.  We loved hearing about some of the people that we knew way back when.  The whole experience was wonderful, and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

I also could not have done the lecture and workshop without Gail's help every step of the way.  The loading, unloading and all of her help and companionship made this little adventure possible and so much fun. Spending time together in our former hometown was very memorable for us.  Sisters are the BEST!

I'll post pictures of the Patchwork Math workshop tomorrow so you can see their work. You will be amazed!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Trunk Show Time

Hello Everyone,
My trunk is sitting in the living room filled to the brim with my quilts for the trunk show in Paradise, California for the Ridge Quilters Guild.

The quilts aren't all going to fit, so I've resorted to Plan B. I have an old tobacco drying rack that I'm going to use to display quilts, along with three hanging quilt display racks.  I want to have an explosion of color around me while I speak at the guild.  Maybe if I get shy, I can hide behind them!

Yesterday my friend Shelley drove up from San Jose and delivered her chicken quilt for me to use in my Patchwork Math workshop.

This is what she started in class last Fall.

She started making her quilting components and displayed them on the design wall during class.

There were cute little chickens everywhere!

Shelley continued to work on her quilt at home and designed some of her own blocks.  This one uses flying geese.

Half-square triangles.

Double flying geese.

More double flying geese.  Shelley did an excellent job incorporating both large and small scale prints into her quilt.

Here is her finished quilt she made using only the components in the Patchwork Math book.

Shelley's quilt was quilted by Debby, the owner of Prairie Queens in San Jose. The chicken wire pattern is the perfect quilting design for this quilt!  Thank you so much Shelley for letting me borrow your quilt!
Today I will be putting the finishing touches on my talk and tying all loose ends that need to be tied.  My to-do list in winding down to just a few items. My sister Gail and I are heading out early tomorrow morning with an SUV full of quilts.   I'll be taking my camera and computer with me so I can post next week, so all of you can virtually attend the lecture and workshop. I wish you could all be there for REAL!