Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Hexi Bouquet

Hello Everyone,
The hexi-bouquet and ribbons are ready for hand applique!

I really should have taken a picture of the blue flower in the bottom row to show you what it looked like after Mazey finished chewing all of the little paper pieces out of it!  Somehow this flower made it to the floor and little eagle-eye found it.  After some pressing and spray starch, good as new.

I knew I wanted something in the border, but nothing that would detract from the center section.  What are you thoughts about putting another bouquet in the bottom right corner?  Should I leave well enough alone, or add to it?  Or should the flowers be in every corner?  I need your input with this one please. But keep this in mind while pondering my mantra is, "An hour per flower."  Yes, it takes me a whole hour to make each individual hexi flower from beginning to end. That's seven hours per bouquet and that doesn't include stitching the bouquet together.  It's a great project to work on during a football game.....and it is football season.....I'm just saying.  Adding three extra bouquets will take me into and through the playoffs, maybe to the Super Bowl!

I see a ton of stitching in the ditch in my future around each of the sixty-three, 5-3/4" hexagon blocks.  I also see a ton of thread changes as I work my way across and down.  I'm going to cross-hatch the borders for a nice old fashioned look.  Chances are good this one won't make it to the HandiQuilter until after Christmas.  I know once I put it out on the machine, I won't be able to not quilt it.  But, if I do put it on the machine, and quilt a row a that might be a good plan to break up the monotony.

Happy Sunday.


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Caution.....Scraps Ahead

Hello Everyone,
I'm making progress on my totally scrappy quilt.  While Mazey was napping, I quickly arranged the blocks on the floor to see what I had, what colors I needed, and what blocks I need to make.

This is by no means the final layout or size.  I'm thinking I want this to be large enough to fit on a queen size bed.  If that is the case, I have a lot more work to do!

Have a happy weekend!


P.S. I just spotted a problem Courthouse Steps block in the bottom row....3rd from the left.  Rats! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Grammy Squares Meets Nosegay

Hello Everyone,
I've been playing around with the border for my Grammy Squares quilt.  I think I've got it!  A nosegay made out of hexagons with a few ribbons.  The fat ribbons on the top are going to be trimmed down in the final version.

Nosegay is such an odd word.  Is this cluster of flowers a joyous moment for the nose?  How about calling it eyegay?  Or hexigay?  Whatever I call it, I like the look.

I also made 15 more ornaments for some more table runners.  I've pulled out every piece of plaid fabric I own to add to them.

Today there will be bows!

Now a Mazey story.  Yesterday at O'dark hundred, while I was at the table posting to the blog, Mazey started growling.  She never growls.  She almost never makes a peep except for her excessive burping.  I let her go out on the deck which is elevated high above the ground.  As I watched her from the dining room window, she started to tremble while looking through the railing at the ground below.  Then I started to tremble.  I went outside to get her back inside, and I saw what scared her.  Not a bear as I first feared, but a very healthy-looking coyote.  Neither barked or howled or made a sound.  Their eyes were locked on to each other until the coyote overstayed his welcome then strolled off into the woods with that, "come hither" look.  I think it's time for "the talk" about the birds and the bees.  Mr. Joe called Mazey's veterinarian immediately to make a very special appointment.....soon.


Thursday, November 20, 2014

It All Started With a Flour Sifter

Hello Everyone,
I have a to-do list which keeps me on track, but there are some days when the list goes out the window.  I'm easily distracted, and when I think of something fun to do.....well, the to-do list goes out the window.  These little ornaments are fun to make!

I had just the right fabric to fussy cut a cute center.  Add two plaids and there you go.

I stitched them together like this.  Then I had to find something that was just the right ornament size....hhhmmm

Flour sifter to the rescue!  This flour sifter is ancient, (kinda like me)....but it still works, (kinda like me again!)

One ornament led to two....

Then add a couple of little bows for "cuteness".

Before I knew it, I had five adorable little ornaments.  I'll machine blanket stitch around them today and be well on my way to one vintage-looking little table runner.

Now, the question is......which DIL am I going to give this to?  I think this is just to old-fashioned for my modern DIL's.....I guess I'll just have to keep it!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Girls at Ladybugs

Hello Everyone,
I had a full day teaching at Ladybugs Quilts in Manteca yesterday.  The girls wore and used their thinking caps all day long while taking my Patchwork Math class.  Their blocks look gorgeous together!  This picture shows that "Scrappy" is my middle name.  I love seeing their work together.  Each of the girls made a pile of components, then they started to play with them by making different arrangements.

Linda, took my Madrigal class at Ladybugs last year and she was so thoughtful to bring her finished quilt top to show me.  I love to see the end results!  This is a wonderful combination of fabrics.  Great work Linda!

I loved Linda's basket of flowers.  Wonderful use of paisley in the flower petals.

One of the benefits of getting up early is this spectacular California sunrise. 

We are off to brunch this morning with our twin granddaughters who just turned 12 on Thursday.  Time goes way too fast.  I want to gather them in my arms and make time stand still. Enjoy every single minute of today, make it special by enjoying life's simple pleasures, the gift of a sunrise.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Grammy Squares Quilt is Together

Hello Everyone,
I spent the day getting my Grammy Squares quilts to this point.  I filled in all of the side areas with black to make it rectangular.  I used about ten different black fabrics that I've been collecting.

Then I started in on the borders.


It was together by dinnertime.  What struck me as interesting about this quilt, is the fact that it is made up of scraps from all of my other quilts.  From plaids, to checks, to stripes, I threw them all into the mix to achieve the look of a crocheted, Granny Square afghan.  Since my grand kids call me Grammy, I had to name it Grammy Squares.

Mazey wanted to have all of you see her pose in front of a quilt.  I can tell she is growing up because she didn't grab the corner of this one and run around the house waving it around as a flag of surrender with me in hot pursuit.

She really is golden isn't she?  Mazey is the busiest puppy we ever had. She is such a rascal too.  Don't let her angelic looks deceive you.....she is a handful of constant activity.  She thought it was extremely fun to play with the rain pouring out of the downspout yesterday morning.  I was not amused at 5:30am watching her get soaking wet while consuming every drop of rain flowing off the roof!  But, it kept her busy for a few minutes. before she started chasing after pine cones that blew down during the night.

I left the borders nice and wide for the vine and hexagon flowers.  There is still a lot to finish on this quilt, but at least it is to this point so I can work on the applique at night.  I guess I need to design it first!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Grammy Squares Again

Hello Everyone,
I'm back to working on Grammy Squares. 

 I've been filling in the sides with partial, black hexagons. I was Y-seamed to death yesterday.  Now, what to put on top of that black space?

I'm also auditioning thin inner borders in red with a black outer border.  I think this quilt border needs some vines too.

I've put this quilt on the back burner for too long.  Time to git'er done!


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
The following phenomenal quilts and projects are proudly brought to you by my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls.  They have been busy!!  Remember, they are finishers.  Kathy has been diligently working on her Toyland Tree quilt, and it is going to be decorating her home for Christmas. 

Kathy personalized her little baby doll with smocking, embroidery, lace and other embellishments which make her look so real.

Her quilt is incredible.....a real heirloom!

Suzanne is working on UFO's and isn't this one cute and timely.

I started another Holiday Treats Tablerunner.  This is a pattern by Laura Nownes.  It is so much fun to make the little presents and machine applique the little plaid, polka dot, and checked bows in place.

Cindy is finishing up two Nostalgic Christmas pillows.  They are so cheerful.

The next grouping of pictures are all made from my Country Corners blocks using the Patchwork Math book.  Here are Kathy's blocks which she made from scraps from all different projects.

Barbara brought in her tabletopper that she designed to fit an 8-sided table using a variety of Christmas fabrics.

This is my Country Corners scrappy version.....more blocks will be added this week.

This is Paula's adorable block.

This is Susan's light and airy block.

Gail has half of her Winterset sewn together!  This is a labor of love.  Gail chose to bypass the applique and make the quilt larger by adding lots of extra blocks.  You'll be seeing more of this one as it grows and grows.

 Isabelle designed a quilt for the coach of her daughter's ice skating team.  Each block represents and aspect of the team from bake sales to, different skating formation, to ice skates, to a first place trophy.  The coach is going to be amazed!

Marti is making some patchwork for Mittens with Moxie.  It takes awhile to get to this point and Marti is doing a great job.

The following blocks are all from Harvest of Hope. Suzanne made some great looking pumpkins.

Kathy finished her barn and sunflower.  I could live in this bar!

Isabelle finished her acorn block.  So pretty.

Patty is working on her October Magic quilt. Once she gets the applique section completed, the rest is going to be easy!

Irene has a good start on her For The Love of Baskets.  The baskets finish as 4".

She has a gorgeous little pile going!

Aren't my girls the quilting machines!  They out did themselves this time.  The classroom at In Between Stitches was filled with beauty on the wall and at each work station.  Well done by all!