Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
This post is a double dose of inspiration to start your day.  Karen is building an entire neighborhood of little houses.  These foundation pieced little homes are so addictive!

Kathy took the last stitch in the binding in her Harvest of Hope quilt just in time to have this beauty on display in her home for Autumn.

Every stitch Kathy takes is exquisite.  The quilt was machine quilted by Lora Zmak.

Kathy is also finishing up her Country Corners quilt.  Kathy used my Patchwork Math book in conjunction with my Country Corners tutorial located HERE to make a sampler quilt.  It's going to be a real beauty.

Barbara B. has "Tex" all appliqued.  Isn't he something!  Perfect fabric combinations while Tex wanders the across the prairie.

Barbara B. is also working on her elephants.  Look at the little pink one in the bottom corner.  This is Barbara's special touch that she added.

Mary has all of her Lil' Orphan Scrappy blocks finished and she's sewing on the setting triangle.  This pile was ready to topple over.

Lots of Walk in the Park blocks decorated the walls of the classroom at In Between Stitches.

Jan's is so it.

Nancy is making Heartfire.  I absolutely LOVE her selection of black and white fabrics for my design.  This is going to be a very dramatic, and stunning quilt.

Irene is moving right along on her Heritage quilt.  She is one determined quilter!

Pat is working on the borders for October Magic.  Great combinations of color. 

This group of phenomenal women inspire, encourage, and bring out the best in all of us.  I love the time we spend together.


Monday, August 22, 2016

Butterscotch Baskets Tutorial

 Hello Everyone,

I haven't dropped off the face of the earth......I've been spending time with the kids before they head off to school this week.  In between my 'kid' time, I was working on an online tutorial for Butterscotch Baskets.  The tutorial is a companion to your pattern. 
You can find the link at the top of my blog called Butterscotch Baskets Tutorial.  I took pictures and documented the process the entire step of the way.  I'm actually going to use it as a teaching tool this week while I lead a Butterscotch Baskets class at Cloth and Quilts.

On another note, our middle son and his family camped at Union Reservoir for three days.  The lake is about an hour north of the cabin in the Carson Iceberg Wilderness Area.  First, we brought the little kids up with us to spend a day at the cabin on Thursday.  Then Mom & Dad arrived to take them further up into the mountains for camping.
We drove up to their campsite Saturday afternoon and had dinner with them.  We were there for about five hours.  The little kids took us exploring, and I couldn't believe how dirty we got in that short period of time!  I guess I'm still a kid a heart.  I love to go exploring and see what's around the next bend in the trail.
The kids had a ball.  They immediately took us to see the rope swing.  I so wanted to try it out, but my guardian angel (Mr. Joe) tapped me on the shoulder and suggested that it might not be the best know weight limits and all that!

Our son took this picture of the sunrise yesterday morning while he was out early with their dog, Copper.  What a glorious and spiritual way to begin your day. 
It's a beautiful new day dawning for all of us.  Make it a good one for you and everyone around you.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Traveling Quilt

Hello Everyone,
The good people at Quilt Haven on Main in Hutchinson, MN sent me a picture of Butterscotch Baskets on display in their shop.  Doesn't this look cozy?  Do you think they would mind, (or notice me) if I curled up on the bed for a long nap?  I could chat with customers and make myself right at home.

This is a huge milestone for me.  You seen Quilt Haven on Main is located in the historic Thimbleberries building, formerly Lynette Jensen's studio shop.  I became a quilter because I absolutely loved Lynette Jensen's style.  I wanted to emulate her sense of color and design.  You can read more about my passion for Thimbleberries HERE, my post from last February.

For me, this is bigger than having one of my quilts at Quilt Market.  This is coming home to where my journey started. To become first a quilter, and then a designer. 

If you would like to make a Butterscotch Baskets quilt identical to mine, contact Quilt Haven on Main and they will be very happy to send you a kit.  The fabric used to make this quilt is called Autumn Landscape by Lynette Jensen for RJR fabrics.

I'm working on a tutorial that I will post online to walk you through the process.  I'll hold your hand and be there the whole step along the way.

I'm off to the Preview Party tonight sponsored by In Between Stitches at the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa.  We will all display the quilts for the classes that we are offering over the next few months.  It's always a fun event.  Come on out and join us so you can sign up for the classes you want to take before the classes fill!


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Triple-Mitered Borders DONE

Hello Everyone,
Another Butterscotch Baskets is ready to be quilted! I was determined to finish the triple-mitered borders yesterday so I could put this quilt in the almost finished column.

It seemed as though I stitched miles of the triple border together.  Who designed this quilt? Wink. I must talk with the designer and tell them to put a spool of thread into each pattern.  When I made my strip sets, I pressed the top and bottom the opposite pressing direction as the sides.

By doing this, the strip sets nestled together perfectly on the front and back.

Yes, mitered corners take more time, but I absolutely love the way they look.

We are up at the cabin this weekend to attend a Town Hall meeting regarding the pine bark beetle which is destroying our neighborhood.  This is what we see directly across the street from the cabin.  Every pine tree is either dead or dying.

Driving through the neighborhood you see piles of trees waiting to be hauled away.  The average cost to have a tree removed is $1,000 per tree.  We have 40 pine trees on our 2/3 of an acre.  That's a lot of quilting fabric! 

There will be representatives from the state at the meeting today.....and I'm sure they are going to get an earful of complaints.     Similar pine bark beetle outbreaks have been successfully stopped in other states by spraying.  Our governor refuses to spray because one of the chemicals in the spray is banned in California.  So the alternative is to let the state burn to the ground and have the worst fire storms imaginable, let trees fall on people and homes, loose all of the habitats for the forest critters, loose the carbon sequestration which the trees provide.......and see property values plummet.  If you buy a cabin in the woods, good luck getting homeowner's insurance. Luckily for us we are grandfathered in to our policy. 

Mr. Joe has treated our trees twice with SPLAT.  It's an expensive tube of pheromone repellant which is like hanging a sign on the tree telling the beetles "No Vacancy".  So far so good.....but that could all change.  Even trees our neighbors treated with SPLAT are dying.

In all of the articles that we've read, it is beneficial to water your forest trees.  A healthy tree has a fighting chance to survive the infestation.  But guess what folks, we are still in a drought.  We are banned from watering our trees. I wonder if I can applique while I'm in prison?


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
I have a glorious finish to show you today.  Jeanne just has to put on some binding and her Lil' Orphan Scrappy is in the finished column.  This quilt was expertly quilted by Diane Schweickert. 

It's all in the placement of color to create the rick rack looking border.

Judy's Grammy Squares quilt is almost altogether.  Well done!

Barbara has a flimsy ready for quilting.  This table topper is going to look wonderful decorating her home this Christmas.  This inspires me to finish mine.

Jeanne has now turned her attention to making Heritage. All the girls love making the Log Cabin blocks.  The star blocks take a bit more time.

Gail has made quite a collection of basket blocks for Once Upon a Vine.  These are fun little blocks to make.

She has a bunch of sets just ready for the stitching.

More Walk in the Park blocks decorated the classroom walls.

Doris has a beautiful start to her Lucy Boston block.  What a gorgeous design.

Pat is making little blocks for the border around October Magic.

The little blocks will look like this when then are sewn together to create a fun border.

You can't help but be happy when surrounded with so many glorious quilting projects. It is fun to watch the customers get "sucked" into the classroom.  They can't stop themselves from coming in to see what we are creating.  Pure joy!


Monday, August 8, 2016

Lucy Boston Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
Fifteen quilters began their Lucy Boston journey in the "auxiliary" classroom at In Between Stitches last Saturday.  Here is just a small sample of the beginnings of some pretty fantastic blocks.

Once the paper pieces are all prepared, it is time to play with their arrangement.

I had the class make copies of their fabric first using the copy feature on a home printer.  If you create your shapes first on paper, it is easier to make intricate designs without wasting fabric.  I provide a numbered sheet making it easier to figure out what goes where.  I suggest that you number each piece so you know the exact orientation in the block.

This design was first made with paper.  It makes it so much easier to figure out what goes where and cutting placement.  The corners can be tricky if you aren't paying attention to orientation.  If you begin with paper first, you can take the paper pieces and place them directly on the fabric so you know where to cut the real deal.

 Now the block is starting to come alive in fabric.


As usual, I get so caught up in teaching, that I forget to take pictures of everyones work.  I missed out on several opportunities to show you some amazing blocks.  Sorry girls!  Bring your blocks to the shop so I can see them again and take pictures.

You were a great group!  So entertaining and just plain fun to spend the day together learning a new skill. 

In Between Stitches is sponsoring an English Paper Piecing Tea at the Purple Orchid Resort and Spa on Sept. 10th. I'll let you know more about it as details become available.  I do know that the Vice President of sales from Marcus Fabrics will be there and she's bringing "goodies"......and I don't mean food.  Fabric goodies!  We are taking sign-ups at the shop.  This is going to be a fun event and a great learning experience in a beautiful location.

Monday is my normal day to work at the shop.  Why be normal?  I have the day off since I filled in at the shop on Sunday.  I have planned so much for my day off that I can't possibly get to everything on my list.....but I'm going to try,  Ready, set, sew!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Butterscotch Baskets Again

Hello Everyone,
I haven't posted in days, and I have an excellent excuse.  My sister Gail and I have been making another Butterscotch Baskets quilt at the request of RJR fabrics.  Most likely this one will travel to Australia once it's finished.

Gail has been VERY busy making all 80 of the Ohio Star blocks on her own at home.  She also made 6 of the little basket blocks.  If it weren't for her, this quilt would not be this far along in the process.

While Gail was sewing the frames around the basket blocks, I was sewing the blocks together in groups of four, and added the little red dot in the center.  Then I made 6 more basket blocks.

Here's our workstation without a cookie in sight!  Those two Berninas were humming for days.

All parts are pieces are done....just waiting for a quilt to be born.  it is amazing this small pile can become an entire quilt.

We started assembling the parts and pieces yesterday morning. 

Good Morning All...Gail here to put in my two cents.  We have had another marathon quilting session going on since Tuesday at the cabin.  We haven't posted during this process.  Instead, we've just kept our noses to the grindstone the whole time!  We were seeing daylight yesterday when we started putting it all together.  We were like two horses headed for the barn!  And now as I am writing, Lynn is sewing the last seam.  I "made" her do the last one that joins the two halves, since she is faster and I am "all tuckered out"!  I do have to thank Mr. Joe, who took pity on me, and brought home two BOXES of cookies the other day.  Of course, I had to share, but I SAVORED every bite!  Now it's time for me to head home.  Stay tuned to see what I have "volunteered" for next and Sweat Shop Central will open it's doors once again.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone!
All it needs now is some borders, and it's off to be quilted.

The first quilt is now on display at Quilt Haven on Main in Hutchinson, MN.  They are selling kits if you are interested in making this beauty from the Autumn Landscape fabric line by Lynette Jensen from Thimbleberries.  (If you buy a kit, Gail has graciously volunteered to go to your homes and make all 80 Ohio Star blocks for you.....wink wink!)  It's fun to tease your sister.


Mazey wanted to get in on the action and make sure you saw her "selfie".  Unfortunately you can't see her pearly white teeth.