Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Alaska Cruise Part One

Hello Everyone,
I'm back and trying to return to normal life which includes cooking, cleaning, laundry......tons of laundry!  In a nutshell, the quilting cruise to Alaska surpassed all of my expectations.  My circle of quilting friends has grown and includes quilters from around the globe.
I'm organizing 427 photos just from my iPad.  I haven't downloaded anything yet from Mr. Joe's camera and the phone.  I could bore you to death with pictures of Alaska for the next month.....but I won't.  I'm going to begin with pictures from my first session, Country Sampler, aka Patchwork Math.

I had a wonderful group of 27 quilters for my first session.  In order to have everyone be able to see my examples and hear my techniques, I broke the group down into small groups of six to gather around my table.

We took up a large part of the dining room.  I had quilters spread out over two different areas. 

Not too shabby to sit and sew and have the Pacific Ocean right outside.

The group did a great job on their blocks!

Some bought kits, and some provided their own fabrics.

Same block, different fabric placement.

Everyone used their block layout sheets to organize their components.

While we were in Ketchikan, five of us were in the same shop together.  Look what followed all of us home...cute little nightshirts complete with a moose.  We bought them to wear to my retreat this Fall, but decided we needed to break them in during the cruise.  We called ourselves the Quilting Plaidettes.  We felt compelled to break into a few bars of North to Alaska.

Here's part of my group on the last day of the cruise.  Not everyone showed up for the picture, but I had a good showing of the girls and their work.

I want to thank Terry Caselton who spent countless hours pulling this cruise together and inviting me to teach.  I want to thank all of the quilters who signed up and cruised with me.  I also want to thank my sister Gail who circulated during the entire two sessions to answer questions and help me teach.

Alaska is an amazing place to visit.  I feel that we just had a little sampler platter of the towns along the coast.  We have so much more to explore inland.  My next post will contain pictures of Session Two.  After that, I will post a few select pictures of the Alaskan landscape.  Someone said, once you travel to Alaska, you are forever changed.  I've changed.


Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cruise Updates

Hello Everyone,

I’m unable to post pictures to Blogger during the cruise.  You can check out my Sew’n Wild Oaks Facebook Page to see quilting related pictures of my classes.  I can always post of FB but not Blogger.....oh well.

The cruise has been an amazing experience.  I will post pictures upon my return.

We will dock in Ketchikan today and then we are off on an excursion to a Rain Forest, all you can eat crab feed, and a quilt shop or two.  Yesterday we were in Haines and went to Chilkoot Lake.  There are no words to describe it.

I promise to post pictures next week.


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Action Packed Days

Hello Everyone,

What a busy, fun-filled three days!  We've been at the County Fair and on the ball field for three days.  We've had our fill of greasy fair food just in time to belly up to the buffet on the cruise ship. Elastic waistbands are good!

First things first, we wouldn't have missed the past three days for the world.  Family is everything to us. Watching our grand kids grow into good people is what life is all about.

Our biggest event was watching our Granddaughter Emily, win first place at the Alameda County Fair for Showmanship with her goat, Bama.  Our other Granddaughter Harleigh came in second for Showmanship.  We cried we were so happy for the girls and all of their hard work.  Can you tell the cousins are beaming! 

Some last minute grooming before "showtime".

Harleigh was awarded FFA Champion Market Goat for Quinton. 

The girls are going to say goodbye to their animals on Sunday.  I'm so glad that I'm not going to be around. I said my goodbyes today through tears. The FFA kids learn so much about the circle of life while they are in the program. Emily is spending every minute she can with Bama.  It is easier to say goodbye to the pigs.....but these goats have distinct personalities.

We also watched two of Jess' summer league baseball games.  Exciting times, great hitting, and good hustle behind the plate.

Tomorrow we set sail for the Quilting Cruise to Alaska.  North to Alaska.....the rush is on!  I'll try to post as often as I can while onboard.  I have a feeling we are going to be pretty busy.


Monday, July 2, 2018

Life in the Slower Lane

Hello Everyone,

I’m all packed and ready to go to Alaska.  Before I go, I’ve been enjoying life in the slower lane.  Slow lane for me is sitting down for about an hour and reading a good book.

All 48 kits were made and mailed.  Two quilts and two new patterns were finished.  I’m no longer waking up in a cold sweat wondering how everything is going to get done.  It’s done, and I’m ready to go.

We were going to head down to the city on Wednesday to catch the boat on Thursday.  The County Fair changed our plans when our granddaughter’s pig, called Half-Baked, won first place in his class.  Now, he’s going for Supreme Grand Champion this Wednesday.  We can’t miss that!

Here’s Harleigh with Half Baked.

Then our grandson’s summer league baseball team has been doing so well that he plays tonight and tomorrow night after sweeping all of their weekend games.  We can’t miss out on those two games.

Then tomorrow morning, granddaughters Emily and Harleigh are showing their goats at the fair.  We can’t miss that either!

So much for my life in the slower lane.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

Santa Clara Quilt Guild Quality Time

Hello Everyone,

I spent some wonderful quality time with the good people at the Santa Clara Quilt Guild Monday night for my lecture, and all day Tuesday for a Patchwork Math Workshop.  The following are just a few of the photos from the workshop.

These girls really got into their projects!


I loved their creativity.

They all made the same components, yet look at the variety of results!

We had a wonderful, and spacious classroom.

Monday night I had a full house for my lecture.

There were so many quilters that help me get set up for both the lecture and the workshop.  You have know idea just how much Gail and I appreciated all of your help during set up and take down.

My goal for the next few days is packing for the quilting cruise.  Time to start laying outfits out and placing them in the suitcase.  I’m more concerned about taking all of my quilting supplies.  If I forget something, it’s not like I can find it out in the Pacific Ocean!


Sunday, June 24, 2018

Back to My Applique

Hello Everyone,
I'm coming up for air and getting back to what I love to do.....applique.  I started this wall hanging a good year ago.....and it's still not finished.

I'm going to call the pattern Huckleberry Hill.  When we were on a road trip to Northern, northern California two years ago, I saw a street sign named Huckleberry Hill.  I wrote it down in my quilting notebook, and now it is coming to life.

I started prepping the last block this week.  I want to have something to take with me on the cruise to work on at night.  I know there's a casino and late night shows on board the ship.  We might check them out, but late night entertainment is not our "thing".  Most likely we will spend the evenings enjoying the views from our balcony window.  We will be drinking in the glorious landscape and marvel at the beauty of Alaska.

This one is done.

This blocks is almost done.

Yesterday I put 23 quilts on the dining room table, then folded them all back up, and packed them in bags by order of appearance for my guild lecture in Santa Clara tomorrow night.  I have five, giant Zip Lock bags that I use to haul my quilts around. 

I've been printing like crazy to replenish my pattern cubbies, and my pattern bins that I will take with me tomorrow.  This is a large guild that I'm traveling to, so I have to be prepared for pattern sales.

Mr. Joe knows when I'm approaching my over-the-top-up-to-my-eyeballs in work.  He packed a picnic lunch the other day, and we headed to Lake Alpine for a couple of hours.  I'm calling this photo the dog days of summer.

My daughter said picture looks like a skinny man holding a bouquet.  She's right.  I call this picture the definition of tenacity.  A tree growing from solid rock.

It was a gorgeous day on the lake.  Mazey enjoyed it as much as I did.  Sometimes I just have to get away and focus on nature and vistas outside my sewing room.

My fellow quilter, and friend Susan, made and gave me this wonderful centerpieces for our patio table.  It is mesmerizing watching the little fairy lights.  The table topper glistens in the dark. Thank you so much Susan, we love it. 

I'll finish my guild preparations today.  I may even pack up my quilting supplies for the cruise.  I plan on taking one suitcase full of quilting supplies for the cruisers.  I'll have more quilting things than clothes!  Maybe I should make myself a patchwork gown for the two formal that would be something.  My idea of formal is a clean pair of jeans!