Saturday, August 11, 2018

In the Company of Quilters

Hello Everyone,

Another busy week here at Sew'n Wild Oaks while I try to get "caught up".  I don't know when or if that is ever going to happen. 

I started playing with some of the new fabrics I purchased at Country Pines Quilt Shop in Susanville, and this is the result.  Little 5-1/2" Courthouse Step blocks.

In my travels, I hear quilters saying they want to make smaller projects.  This is going to be a small project with small blocks.  Two for the price of one!  But it could also be a larger quilt too.

I started my week speaking at the Pioneer Quilters' Guild in Rocklin, CA.  It was a fantastic group of quilters with hearty laughs.  We had so much fun!  There was one lady in the front row who had me laughing.

Tuesday was my Patchwork Math workshop.  I'm trying to dispel math phobia one quilter at a time.

The girls worked very hard during the day.

When I was clearing out a closet to make room for more fabric.....of course......I found a box of Prairie Flower patterns.  I'm putting them on sale on my SewnWildOaksDesigns Etsy store for $10.00 so I can clear them out of the closet.  I remember very clearly machine quilting each and every little bitty square.......hundreds of them!

If you are interested and don't do Etsy, you can always email me at and I can send you a pattern.  The total is $12.66 which includes shipping.  Tax would be added if you live in California.  I love having this quilt on the bed at the cabin.  It is 93" x 93" which is perfect for a queen bed.

As I travel around to quilt guilds, I realize just how lucky I am to be in the company of quilters.  We laugh, we eat, we quilt.  What could be better???

Have a great weekend.


Monday, August 6, 2018

Putzing Around

Hello Everyone,
Not too much going on here at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  A little of this and that, from applique to piecing, to paperwork.


I had some 1" strips left over from Grammy Squares, so I thought I would put them to work.  These little cuties will finish at 5-1/2".  This block is a great use of scraps and I know you all have at least a few 1" strips!

I seemed to have turned the corner with my bad knee.  Large amounts of ice and anti-inflammatory pills have made a difference.  Not to mention not walking my five miles each day.  Going from one end of the cabin to the other was about all I could manage for a few days.

My sister Gail arrived yesterday, and we are heading to the Pioneer Guild in Loomis, CA for a lecture tonight and a Patchwork Math workshop tomorrow.  I'm so glad I will be able to walk up to the podium without dragging my leg behind me. 

The critters have been out in force at night prowling around the cabin.  Mazey has been going ballistic at night.  She wakes up like a shot, jumps out of her bed, and sniffs the air while barking and growling from the deep depths of her lungs.  She runs to every open window and peers out into the darkness.  Wouldn't you know, the night she barked the most, the game camera was not outside.  She makes a good, early warning critter sensor.

As you've probably heard, California is burning up again.  As the crow flies, we are not far from Yosemite.  The smoke from that fire is so bad at times that our headlights will come on as we drive to town.  There are smaller fires all around us from 145 acres to 6,000 acres.  We always cringe when we hear sirens, then a small bit of relief when we hear the big borade bombers dropping fire retardant. The fire fighters are doing a tremendous job and we appreciate them.  Higher temperatures in the triple digits are predicted for the week ahead.  The fires and the heat are relentless.  Keep all of those in harms way in your thoughts.  We need all the help we can get.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Country Pines Quilt Shop

Hello Everyone,
So much has been going on since we returned from Alaska, that I don't know where to begin to tell the story and fill you in on our adventures.
Last Thursday, I set off by myself on a four-hour drive to Susanville, CA. to teach two classes.

I headed over Ebbetts Pass on Highway 4.  The road is not for the faint of heart. This is a narrow mountain pass that climbs to over 9,000 feet then plunges down into Nevada. It is not unusual to see range cattle wandering down the road along with some furry bears.  This is a view of the mountains that I had to drive through.  It was so smoky from the fire in Yosemite that the view was obscured.

My destination was Country Pines Quilt Shop.  You can see that I reached my destination since my reflection is on the front door.  I was warmly greeted by Laura, the owner of Country Pines and her employee Barbara.

Country Pines has something for everyone.

It is full of quilted goodness.

I love this shop and would gladly drive over the mountain and through the range cattle to shop there.

My sister Gail met up with me at the shop.  She left her home in Benicia about the time I left mine in Arnold, and we arrived at the front door about 3 minutes apart.  No kidding, we couldn't have planned it any better.

Here's a look at my fabric purchase the first day. 

I'll be cutting all of this up to make bundles to sell when I'm vending at quilt shows.  I shopped more on day two and day three.  I'm almost too embarrassed to take pictures of my three boxes of reproduction fabrics.

Here's just a small sample of some of components that came out of the Patchwork Math class.

I also taught Grammy Squares.

The quilters in the class were so nice.  I felt as though I'd known them for years.  We had fun!  If I lived in the area, I would be a regular at the shop.

I hit the road early Sunday morning to get back home as company was arriving.  The choking smoke from the devastating Carr fire in Redding filled the sky.  This is the sunrise I saw on my way home.  There are many alkali lakes along the route and I thought this picture really told the story on how much smoke filled the area.  Each morning our cars were covered in ash.

My granddaughter and her boyfriend came to the cabin to spend a few days before schools starts in mid-August.  They are both going to be seniors.  Our first stop was White Pines Lakes about two miles from our cabin.  It was so relaxing to just sit and watch the kids fish and catch zippo.

On Monday, we headed way up into the back country to Elephant Lake for some kayaking and more again.

Mr. Joe, Mazey, and I took our turn in the kayak.  This was no easy feat for me to get in......or out of the kayak since I came home with a bum knee from the cruise.  It's a good thing Will is a big guy since he had to extract me from the kayak. Do you know how hard it is to get out of a kayak with a knee that isn't working properly, a dog that is rocking the boat, and a husband who couldn't stop laughing when our granddaughter told me not to fart!!! I know, I know, not very delicate but it's the truth!   

While we were up at the lake, I was so surprised when my phone dinged with a text message from my daughter in law.  A fire had started just below our town, closing the road, and she wondered if we were evacuating!  Bum knee or not, we high tailed it back to the car to begin the long ride home on dirt roads.  When we got to the main highway, I had better reception, and we learned the fire was under control and the air support was sent back to the airport.  What a relief.

I've been gone for so long that I'm playing paperwork catch-up today.....after I fondle all of the new fabrics!


Thursday, July 26, 2018

Preparing for Class

Hello Everyone,
I have just a few minutes to post this morning before I hit the road for Country Pines Quilt Shop in Susanville, CA.  I'll be teaching there on Friday and Saturday.
I'm preparing blocks for class to show what you can do with components on the block layout sheet.  The following two blocks are from my Country Sampler pattern.

I'm going to make a scrappy Country Sampler.  I'll use black in my sashing as a separator.  When I do that, I can combine so many different colors in the quilt.

Yesterday I stopped long enough to change some quilts around.  I put my Prairie Flower quilt on our bed.  The room is an explosion of patchwork!  Mr. Joe made the lights out of an old pair of snowshoes.  He can make anything!

The quilt hanging on the wall was in an old Quilt Sampler magazine from The Quilt House in Gardnerville, NV.  It is displayed on an old rake that I bought for $3.00 at a junk shop.  I'm always looking for things just like it to display quilts.

The quilt above the bed is my Emilie Elizabeth pattern.  The quilt at the bottom of the bed is called Sallie's Choice by Paula Barnes.  The pillows are a Thimbleberries pattern.

I have about a five hour drive ahead of me today so I'd better get cracking.  I'll post pictures over the weekend from my classes.  Have a great weekend!