Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreat Day Two

Hello Everyone,
It looks like I was so tired last night that I only posted pictures and no text.  So today I'll add the text. Some of the girls got together and purchased their cute shirts before the retreat. Since my last name is Wilder.....this is perfect.

Now the parade of quilts. Gorgeous, gorgeous!

This is Jane's original design using 3/4" hexies and two sizes of diamonds.  WOW.

Lucy Boston was well represented at the retreat.

A little down time on the deck is always a good thing.

Here are just a few glimpses of the creativity that I saw as I walked around the room.

We are calling ourselves the Lovely Lushes.

And we even had a stripper appear.  Not a Chippendale.....but a quilter gone wild with strip piecing.

More fun in store today.


Wine, Women and Chocolate

Hello Everyone,
It was a great first, full day of quilting at Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat.  This was actually taken during appetizer time today.....we don't tipple during the day!

I'm not sure what I was talking about, but everyone in the lecture area was smiling.  What a great group!  I do mini lectures throughout the day.  If the quilters are interested in the topic, they wander on over to the lecture area.

After lunch, a few of the girls went for two walks around the lake.

 Insert sad face looking at our dead and dying trees here in the mountains.

Oh by the way, a whole lot of quilting was happening!

Isn't this a nice idea that Rose made for her block layout sheet for Heritage.


Shelley won the first giveaway, a layer cake which was generously donated by Marcus Fabrics.

Patty doesn't have a tail, just miles of binding.

The food has been excellent. 

 Our brunch today.

I love Terry's version of Madrigal.  This is the first one that I know of made in all batiks.

Love the center basket.

Some wonderful, quilted goodness is happening up here in the mountains.  Wish you all could see it in person. Today is another full day of fun, learning, quilting, eating, chatting, walking, laughing......

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Sew'n Wild Oaks Retreaters

Hello Everyone,
Let the quilting begin!  The Sew'n Wild Oaks retreat #1 for 2016 started yesterday afternoon at Snowflake Lodge located in Blue Lake Springs in Arnold, California.
We went from an empty room at 2pm.....

To a full room by 3:30pm.

Here's the unloading crew.  As cars pulled into the unloading zone, the girls made quick work of transporting machines, supplies, and fabric into the retreat area.

 I love seeing the bonds of friendship.

The girls went right to work creating.

 At 6pm, we all headed to dinner at Wilder's Last Resort.

Man can these girls cook!  We had a feast.

We decided that I need to collect everyones recipes and put a digital cookbook together.

 I set the dessert station up in the master bedroom. 

The evening was so pleasant, we were able to sit outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Let the quilting begin in earnest today!

As a side note, when Gail and I were walking down our street at noon yesterday, bear-bell-less, we saw a bear down by the lake.  We were far enough away to feel safe and just observe.  Then we made a speedy retreat for home.  It sure gets the old heart pumping!