Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dressed up Dresdens

Hello Everyone,
You'll be seeing more in the near future.  Don't you love the little checked flower center?  It felt good to do hand work all day yesterday.  I find it very restful selecting the fabrics and preparing the pieces for applique.

All of the fabrics are from the Past Endearments line by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Fabrics, which will be in quilt shops very soon. The background is called Aged Muslin.  I'll add some embroidered touches after I finish stitching this one down.

Lots of flanges in this quilt.  More to come over the next few weeks.  I finished what I needed to finish on Friday for this quilt

Almost half of this quilt is partially together.  The blocks are stitched in rows, but the rows aren't sewn together......just in case I change my mind on placement.  I'm happy with the overall look on the outside edges.  I know exactly how I'm going to quilt this one too......which is unusual for me to know so early in the process.  This quilt is a testament on what can be done with scraps......that's why I named her Lil' Orphan Scrappy.

Have a super weekend.  We are getting rain.....a nice soaking RAIN!!!  California is desperate for water.  I'm a native Californian, and this is the worst drought I have experienced.  On that note, let a little rain fall on you today, save it, and send it to me.


Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Medley of Marcus Fabrics

Hello Everyone,
Remember this quilt?  I made ten more blocks yesterday and started sewing the rows together last night.  If I turn them just right, they will make a nice design next to the border. It is easier to see the design when I walk across the room, and get back farther.

I'll be placing puzzle pieces today from this pile.  I know I will be making more blocks after I see what colors are missing on the design wall.  Now I think I need to add more blue blocks.

I only used Marcus Fabrics in the entire quilt. Here's an organized sample of some of the fabrics, from fat quarters to half yards.  I would show you the other bin, but it's not very organized.  The largest piece of fabric I need is only 5-1/4".  I would like to say I'm making a dent in the stash, but it doesn't seen like I am.

So let's make some dents in that stash today.  I know I'm going to be rummaging around in more bins to see what I can incorporate into this quilt.  I might just find some nice surprises.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mini Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
I've been taking a few days away from blogging since I had such a busy time last week.  Here is a mini quilt show for you this morning brought to you by the Amador Valley Quilt Guild in Pleasanton, CA.  I was so busy at the show, I didn't have a lot of time to take pictures.  I snapped these shots after we set up my booth, and before the crowds arrived. 
First I want to pay tribute to my friend Chris who passed away in February.  Chris took my Scrappy Leaves class a couple of years ago and she finished her quilt.  The quilt is as vibrant as she was.  She loved this quilt and we all loved her.

This is the last quilt Chris made.  She took the final stitches on the binding before Christmas. She was admitted to the hospital in December, and never returned home.  Chris was an inspiration to everyone she met, and we miss her dearly. 

My friend Nancy made my Madrigal pattern.  It is beautiful!

Another beautiful version of Country Charmer made by my friend Diane!

Here are pictures of the final booth set up.  I was very pleased with the whole booth.  Many thanks to my sister Gail, my granddaughter Emily, and Mr. Joe for helping with the booth.  There is so much to unload, carry, lift, and arrange.  It really helps to set the whole thing up ahead of time in my living room so I know where to put things.

Thank you to Gail and both my granddaughters Emily and Kinsey for helping throughout the whole show.  I couldn't have done it without your help.

I loved having so many of my readers, friends, and customers stop by the booth.  I was hoarse by the end of the two days after visiting with everyone.  Thank you all so much for stopping by and spending some time in the booth.

Now it's time to get back to quilting!! 


Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Showtime

Hello Everyone,
I've been working on my booth for the Amador Valley Quilt Show which starts tomorrow, Saturday April 18th at the fairgrounds in Pleasanton.
All of this has been set up in my living room for the past two days.  You want to go shopping?  I try to make my booth warm and friendly so quilters want to pull up a chair and stay for awhile.

I've been busy making kits for my quilts on my work days at In Between Stitches. 

I have lots of product, lots of quilts, and lots of patterns.

When I used my Christmas lanterns at the show in Auburn last year, everyone wanted to buy them.  Forget the quilts, they wanted the lanterns!

I feel as though I've been playing "house" over the past couple of days.

The guild puts on a great show.  There are over 400 quilts.  Lots of vendors with quilting goodies.  Demonstrations throughout the day and good food!  I'm looking forward to seeing the featured artist, Rob Appell.

Come on out to the show this weekend and come by the Sew'n Wild Oaks booth.  I'd love to meet you.  Gail will be there too, along with my one of my granddaughters.  The twins have always wanted to work a show, and this weekend they are my Sew'n Wild Oaks ambassadors, re-stockers, baggers, and check out assistants.  On the job training is always the best.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Foothill Quilters Guild Workshop

Hello Everyone,

Gail and I spent two wonderful days in great company with the Foothill Quilters Guild in Auburn, CA.  We literally went back to school on Tuesday, as the class was held in an old school house which is now the Civic Center.
The very talented girls dug right in and embraced Patchwork Math.  I introduced a new component and equation every hour on the hour throughout the day.  No slackers here!  They kept right up and I was able to introduce an extra component.

Don't worry, I let them out for recess and a nice lunch break. 

I put together a few collages of the girls' work.

There was a wide range of beautiful fabrics in the classroom.

From reproduction, to modern to Christmas was all beautiful.

The classroom was downstairs in an old building which reminded me so much of my old elementary school in Paradise, CA.  You could almost hear the voices from the past in the hallways upstairs.

This was our playground for the day, a roomy, and well-lit classroom.

Auburn is a charming little town located in the foothills of Northern California.  It is one of the oldest gold mining towns in the state.  It is well worth visiting and exploring the quaint downtown area.  Make sure you stop and see Suzanne and Candy at The Whistle Stop Quilt Shop located just outside of town. Gail and I both found lots of quilty goodness that followed us home.  

Thank you Foothill Quilters for making our visit to your guild and community so welcoming.  Both Gail and I feel like we made many new friends, and reconnected with many Needle Nellies from Georgetown. I hope to be seeing some of you again when I teach Grammy Squares at Whistle Stop in late August.  Many thanks for our wonderful time spent together.