Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Art of Motion......Free Motion

Hello Everyone,
I'm slowly but surely making my way down the quilt.  I have at least two more full days of quilting before this one can come off the machine.  

The appliqué background fabric is called Aged Linen from Marcus Fabrics.  I have to be so careful and not make any mistakes since they will be so noticeable.  The setting triangles are also Aged Linen. 

Each row of the quilt is quilted differently.  It does help that I've quilted this pattern before....but it still takes me just as long.  I marked the pattern around the center applique with a Frixion pen.  As soon as I quilt it, I iron the markings away with my appliqué iron.


Yesterday I received an email from Lynn Tubbe, one of the Needle Nellies.  Thanks to all of you, over $400.00 was raised in quilt raffle tickets in 2 days!  All proceeds will go directly to the Volunteer Fire Department. Here's what Lynn had to say about the fire.
"Everyone's house and property is safe.  Two Nellies, who live many miles above Georgetown have been evacuated. They are being cautious with this fire.  But all our homes in and around Georgetown are fine.  (Now our LUNGS are another matter!) I don't know of any structures that have been lost in this huge amount of miles of forest destroyed.  A perfect example of how Cal Fire marshals men around structures and saves them, combined with the fact that the fire is in open forest land.  Which, in a way, makes it possible for the fire to travel so quickly  -- few roads to get men and machinery into the area full of steep canyons."
The winds are supposed to shift today, and the smoke will be drifting over the Central Valley and into the Bay Area.  If there is a silver lining to this fire event it is the sunsets. Last night on our walk with Mazey, we saw a gorgeous sunset.  

Today we get to watch the little kids in their normal, Saturday sporting events.  We will travel from field to field to see them all.  Saturdays are so much fun for us.....Mazey too!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Machine Quilting Emilie Elizabeth

Hello Everyone,
First of all, thank you, thank you for your generosity in support of the Needle Nellies in Georgetown, CA.  My readers and friends have purchased so many tickets for the quilt raffle in support of the Volunteer Fire Department.  I sincerely appreciate your response to the fire which is so close, and threatens their community.

Since the quilt show was cancelled, I put all show preparations on hold, and gave my house a much needed cleaning.  I don't know about you, but I have a hard time quilting when my house isn't clean.  It doesn't have to be pristine clean, but I don't want to be able to write my name across the top of the piano.  There was so much dust, I could have written the Gettysburg Address and been able to read every word....clearly! 
I also got my fall decorating done.  The 4th of July decorations were still in the bay window and they had to go!
I also made the backing for Emilie Elizabeth and started machine quilting. I'm the world's biggest procrastinator.  Making a backing is my least favorite quilting task.  I will put it off, and put it off, until it gets down to the wire.  Now that I'm home for two extra days this week, I thought this is the time.  Maybe on my next quilt, I will make the backing first and tuck it away.  But then I run the risk of forgetting where I put the darn thing. 

I finished one row of straight lines around the square in a square, looked at the picture......

Then added another set of lines.  I think it is going to give the square in a square border a nice look.

So there's more machine quilting for me today.  Now that I'm home, I get to go to soccer and cheer leading tomorrow.  I love to watch the little kids.....all the little kids.  It is so healthy for them to be out and about participating in organized sports with their friends in this beautiful Fall weather.  Soccer and football go hand in hand with Fall and I LOVE IT all!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Georgetown Quilt Show

UPDATE - 9/17/14 - 3PM  I just received a call from the Needle Nellies and they made the decision to cancel their quilt show.  The smoke is too thick, and roads are closing around them.  Please help support their Volunteer Fire Department by buying a ticket to win the Enchanted Autumn quilt.  Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  What a bargain!  This show is their main fundraiser for the year......and they are losing the chance to raise money.  You can email Lynn Tubbe at: to purchase a ticket or FIVE.    This group of 13 quilters make their community a better, and safer place to live.  They are a wonderful, hardworking group of women who I'm proud to call friends.  Please help me support their efforts and support their Volunteer Fire Department. ~~Lynn Wilder
Hello Everyone,
I've been very quiet on my blog this week since I've been preparing for the quilt show in Georgetown which might not take place this Saturday. 
Those of us living in California are used to natural disasters.   We are either shaking like a wet dog....(ask the residents in Napa about this.)  Or we are burning down and we don't have any water to fight the fires.  Right now we are burning down and my friends, The Needle Nellies in Georgetown, are experiencing this frightening situation first hand.
There's a large fire burning way too close to their community.  Several of the Needle Nellies are on voluntary evacuation status.


The Needle Nellies are a small group of quilters that have raised over $40,000 from tickets sales from their opportunity quilt and annual quilt show.  All of the money collected is donated to their volunteer fire department.  Their volunteer fire department is now on the front lines fighting the King fire that is threatening their small, mountain community.

Tomorrow, the Nellies are going to make the decision on whether or not the quilt show can still take place. I urge you all to go to the Needle Nellies website HERE and purchase a ticket for their award-winning Enchanted Autumn opportunity quilt designed by Verna Mosquera.  The money goes to such a good cause, and the girls may be losing their best opportunity to raise funds this weekend.

I'll give you an update tomorrow once I find out the status of the show.  In this case, "the show must go on" doesn't apply.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Beautiful Country Charmer

Hello Everyone,
I love to receive pictures from you.  I just received the following pictures from Michiko this week.  She is very precise!

She just started making my Country Charmer pattern a few weeks ago...... it is, ready for quilting!  It is gorgeous!  I would love to be able to see this one in person, and maybe I will someday!

I first met Michiko at Prairie Queens Quilt Shop in San Jose when she signed up for my Patchwork Math class.  She was a very studious student, a sweet person, and a fantastic quilter!  It is so much fun for me to see pictures of my designs.  I feel like I have many "children" out in the world and it's very rewarding for me to see your beautiful quilts.  Thank you so much Michiko.

I'm off to soccer this morning to watch our grandson.  Then I head over to Amador Valley quilt guild meeting where I will be seeing some of you.  It is going to be a fun day and weekend.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Decorating My Design Wall

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday in my sewing room I found a couple of unfinished projects that are perfect for Fall.  It is supposed to be 100 degrees here today, so I'll have to pretend that Fall is on the way.

About two years ago, I started this top section from my Harvest of Hope pattern.  My plan at the time was to make a table runner.  I still think it's a good plan......I just need to finish it.  It is so close to being done.  I think I will just leave it out and work on the stitching and embroidery in the evenings.

Then there was this project.  Three little baskets that I made from my Buttonwood pattern.  I love these baskets more and more every time I find them.  I'm going to leave them out too so I won't forget about them.

I think they will make a nice table runner also.  The baskets are all finished.  They just need to be stitched together, add a small border and this is done.

I couldn't stop myself from sewing yesterday, even though I know I have to get ready for my show next week.  The laser printer was working downstairs while I worked upstairs......multi-tasking is my motto.  I made blocks from the leftover Judie's Album Quilt fabrics.  The basket of fabric was calling my name, and I answered the call.  I will add these to my Country Corners quilt......or I'll make a whole new quilt only using Marcus fabrics.

Tomorrow I'll be at the Amador Valley Quilt guild meeting.  I'm going to make a brief spiel about my upcoming workshop in November......which will be here in two shakes of a lamb's tail! Today I guess I should put a few words together about my Patchwork Math class.  I'm going to put that task at the top of my to-do list.  I also think I should put "Finish table runners" on that list too.  Oh yes, and I have to get ready for the show in Georgetown!  I think I need an assistant.  I know if Mazey had thumbs, she would help stuff patterns in the plastic bags.  Now wouldn't that be something.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sewn Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

I have lots of pictures for you this morning brought to you by the girls who were Sew'n their Wild Oaks in the classroom at In Between Stitches yesterday.

Judy made block #4 for Country Corners. This is a great looking block, especially with the little dot of plaid in the center.

I went over the directions to make the setting blocks for the Country Corners quilt and Judy finished one to add to her beautiful block collection.

I always have my girls test out the block cutting directions before I post them, so they are a month ahead of everyone else.  Susan made a beautiful block for next month.  She didn't find any oopsies in my directions!

Here are Susan's gorgeous blocks.

Isabelle's perfect block #4 all ready to be stitched together.

Doris finished her block #3.  I like the way she changed up the layout.

This is Doris' block #1 so far.  She almost finished it before the end of class.

Paula has her parts and pieces in this wonderful block organizer!  It is perfect to take to class.

Suzanne is making wonderful progress on her 6" blocks.  They are really something to see in person.  I love the way the Courthouse Steps blocks are bringing it all together.  Incredible!

Suzanne also showed us her Heartfire flimsy.   The next time you see this is will be quilted and bound.  Suzanne is a finisher.

Kathy is working on her Harvest of Hope barn.  I love her roof!  Her purple pumpkin just sparkles.

Isabelle is working on her sunflower for her Harvest of Hope quilt.  She has a wonderful selection of yellows that she is going to incorporate.

Patti is working on her witches house for October Magic.  I LOVE her selection of fabrics for the window and door....PERFECT!

Gail has ALL of her 120 baskets made for her For the Love of Baskets!  She is stitching the little spacer bars between the baskets and she has all of her rows labelled......very organized. This one is going to be a beauty and I can't wait to see her progress.

Wendy is using her Patchwork Math book to make borders around this adorable panel.  We worked on the math yesterday, so she knows exactly what she needs to do and how many blocks she needs to make.

Suzanne started stitching her hexie grapes together for Once Upon a Vine.  Her clusters are going to look good enough to eat.

Suzanne also brought in her finished October Magic!  This will be decorating her home for Halloween for many years to come.  The machine quilting by Beth Hummel was amazing on this one too!

What can I say about my girls other than WOW!  What a great way to spend a the quilting classroom with friends.  There was laughter, singing, whistling, clapping, talking, story telling and great companionship.  My girls ROCK!


P.S.  Please check out the Marcus Mentions Blog HERE.  They mentioned ME and showed a picture of Emilie Elizabeth using their fabrics.  That was a big time shout out and I really appreciated it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Country Corners Month #4

Hello Everyone,
It's that time again......Country Corners block #4.  I LOVE THIS BLOCK!

Here is a picture of the components you will be making for this block: 

Here are your cutting directions.  Follow the construction techniques in your Patchwork Math book.

4-Patch – Make (4) Directions on Page #14
Cut (8) Squares 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” Light fabric
Cut (8) Squares 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” Dark fabric

Trim to 2-1/2” x 2-1/2”
Quarter Square Triangles – Make (8) Directions on Page #8
Cut (2) 3-1/4” x 3-1/4” Light fabric
Cut (4) 3-1/4” x 3-1/4” Dark fabric
Cut (2) 3-1/4” x 3-1/4” Medium fabric

      Trim to 2-1/2” x 2-1/2”
Square in a triangle – Make (4) Direction on Page #24
Cut (4) Piece A 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” Dark fabric
Cut (4) Piece B 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” Light fabric
Cut (2) Piece C 2-1/2” x 3-1/2” Dark fabric
      Trim to 2-1/2” x 2-1/2”
Cut (4) rectangles 1-1/2” x 4-1/2” Light fabric
Cut (1) square 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” Medium
After you make the components, lay them out like this.  Begin by assembling the components as shown in the red square.  Assemble all four sections then sew them together with the rectangles between the sections.  It really isn't hard and it will make sense to you once you get going.

You can also change the components around a bit to alter the look of the block.  This is Barbara's block from class last month.

If you ever have any questions, I'm just an email away at


Monday, September 8, 2014

Canine Chronicle

Hello Everyone,
Mazey turned 5 months old last time flies.  She is turning into a beautiful, furry kid.  She can also be a handful when she chooses!  She has found her voice.  She has always been so quiet until recently.  I swear if she could read, she could burp the alphabet !

There are lots of events on my calendar this month, next month and November.  For me, this is just the start of quilt season.

I'm going to be the featured artist in Georgetown, CA at the Needle Nellies quilt show on September 20th.   There is always so much to do before a show and my preparations begin in earnest this week.  My long arm is in the same space with my laser printer, so both machines will be working at top speed....that means me too!

Then on September 25th, I'm teaching Once Upon a Vine at Quilting in the Garden.  If you haven't been to Alden Lane Nursery for Quilting in the Garden, it's time to treat yourself to a wonderful event.  It is a visual feast for your eyes!  The display of quilts is phenomenal.

On September 30th at In Between Stitches, I'm teaching Nostalgic Christmas Pillows.  This is a fun class. I usually make several pillows and have them ready for holiday gifts.

So that is my September schedule along with watching the grand kids soccer games, cross-country track meets, and cheer leading Pop Warner football.  AND I have to squeeze in some quilting along the way.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Emilie Elizabeth and the Big Reveal

Hello Everyone,

You've watched her grow from a pile of half-square triangles to become a beautiful young woman.  Get out the buttered popcorn and sit back and enjoy the movie.

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I owe many thanks to Pati from Marcus Fabrics for seeing my design, having a vision, and sending me yards of Julie's Album Quilt fabrics.  I also added a few of Paula Barnes Companion Fabrics to the entire mix.  I loved working with the fabrics, so much so the quilt almost made itself......well not quite.  I also have my sister Gail to thank.  She put all of the basket blocks together for me.  She kept me sane and on track when I needed both.  I think I will let Gail have the other half of her cookie now!

Take a look at the triplets.

The 2nd version

The 1st version

My friend Barbara made this version.
Now on to the quilting machine she goes next week.  You haven't seen the last of her yet!