Saturday, September 14, 2019

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
As always, my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls have been busily creating over the past month since we last met.  

Here are some gorgeous Aurora blocks from my Romancing Alaska pattern.

When Liz walked in the door, she said she was going to get her Cute as a Button all together.....and she did!

Here is a beautiful wool and flannel quilt.  An heirloom quilt for sure.

Here is another heirloom.

Kathy's precision is incredible.  The sashing and pinwheels finish this quilt off beautifully.

Here are the Beach Bums!  Lynnette and Barbara are entering their quilts in my local guild's quilt show in October.   They've each added their own special touches.

Barbara framed one of her cross stitch projects in quilting components.

Barbara is also ready for Halloween.

Mary is creating beautiful blocks for Christmas.

My friend Karen said that coming to our quilting group at In Between Stitches is like walking into a warm, inviting hug.  That is what quilters do.  They welcome, they support, they laugh and encourage.  Give yourself this gift, and join a quilt guild and quilt group.  You will be so glad you did.

I'm getting ready for company.  My sister Gail and our best friends of 42 years are coming for a 3-day visit tomorrow.  This will be a very special time since Mike has stage 4 cancer.  We would normally go kayaking but rain is in the forecast.  We also aren't quite sure how active Mike will be.  It may be a good time to sit around the first fire of the season in the wood burning stove, sip coffee or cocoa, and talk about life.


Sunday, September 8, 2019

Hermitfest 2019

Hello Everyone,
There are days when I need to walk away from the sewing machine, computer, and every electronic device and totally unplug myself from the universe.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I was totally unreachable at Hermitfest 2019.  But we did get in touch, and reach out to friends, and enjoyed a very relaxing day listening to music while we sat under the pine trees chatting with our friends and snacked our way through the day.

Hermitfest is a mini-micro Woodstock for the geriatric group.  We didn't see any bell-bottom pants, but we did see a lot of bodies shaped like a bell curve.....our bodies included!  We saw a lot of tie dyed shirts and some camo outfits sported by the occasional deer hunter who wandered through the event.

We didn't get a Rocky Mountain High, but we did get a Sierra Nevada High at this elevation.  There was an occasional whiff of pot here and there, but mainly the whiff of Bengay. 

Hermit Valley is located along scenic Highway 4 that winds its way over Ebbetts Pass into Nevada.  Driving along this route, you have to be on the lookout for range cattle, deer, and bears.

There is a campground at Hermit Valley and we didn't see any VW buses, but there were some small Airstreams.  I, for one, would not want to tow anything over this road!  There are some hairpin curves where you meet your back end on the curves.

This happens a couple of times every year.  Truck drivers do not heed the many warning signs.  I'll bet this driver wished he was wearing Depends! 

The crowd started gathering around 11am and the music started around 12pm.

Mazey enjoyed her day at Hermitfest too.  She loved hanging out under the picnic table looking for scraps.  There were almost as many dogs as people.  Mazey got so much love from the attendees!  She returned the love by leaning into everyone who stopped to pet her.

More and more dancers took center stage as the day progressed.

We will definitely go back again next year. 

I'm back at my computer today to answer emails, and work on pattern directions before I head to Livermore for my Sew'n Wild Oaks classes on Monday and Tuesday.  I enjoyed my short-lived break from reality, it was just what I needed.

Make love not war.....and let's just make it to tomorrow!


Thursday, September 5, 2019

More Retreat Pictures

Hello Everyone,
Pictures of the retreat are starting to wind down.  When you gather 36 quilters together, you have a lot of finished quilts, and works in progress to show.
Penni made a beautiful quilt from my Madrigal pattern.

The fabric is from a Dutch manufacturer. Just look at all of the stripes on the flanges with the correct orientation.  That took some planning.

If I gave an award for Miss Congeniality, Fran would be the winner hands down!  We all love Fran's sense of humor, positive and sunny disposition, and her gentle spirit.  She keeps us all laughing.

My new Piney Woods Pillow pattern was one of the retreat projects.  I will try to get the pattern posted in my Etsy shop today.

Rhonda was having a barn raising at her workstation for Harvest of Hope.

More Heartfire blocks.

I spy Pat's Cute as a Button.

Someone gave Nancy all of the blocks and fabric to finish the quilt.  We loved it.

Mary Sue has been very busy!

Patty finished a cute table topper for Halloween.

Martha made an adorable table topper from her sister's scraps.  Nothing goes to waste in Martha's sewing room.

Several members from the Independence Hall Quilt Guild attended the retreat.  We are standing in front of our Scholarship quilt which will be raffled off at our quilt show in October.

We like to kick up our heels. 

So kick up your heels today and have a great day quilting.  I finished cleaning out the area in the garage around my long arm.  I can now see it, and she is ready to roll on Country Romance.  I'm just waiting for my thread to arrive from Superior.  In the meantime, I've been playing catch up on my email, Etsy and quilt shop orders, and pattern writing. In a nutshell, I'm resting up from the retreat and keeping busy at the same about half speed.


Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A Treat at the Retreat

Hello Everyone,
Every night after dinner, we had a show and tell at the retreat.  This showing was a real treat!  There was so much talent in the room.  I have enough pictures for three more blog posts.  Quilts, quilts, and more quilts!
Ann started was working on Country Charmer last year at the retreat, and here it is all finished.  A beautiful finish!

This table runner was a retreat applique project a couple of years ago.  Nancy is making good progress.

Joanne is an exceptional quilter.  She hand quilted this beauty!

Mary made another Lil' Orphan Scrappy for us to see. So pretty.

Patty's Chicken Quilt is done! 

No matter how big or small the project, each and everyone gets a round of applause.  Peggy said she doesn't do little.

Jocelyn also doesn't do little......until she met me!

Sue loves Fall and Halloween, and she shared the love with us.

Patty finished my Buttonwood pattern.

No retreat is complete without a visit from Mazey.

Mazey loves her visits as much as the retreaters.

I've just kicked back the last few days and enjoyed my time with Mr. Joe and Mazey.  We attended a Livermore High School football game to watch our granddaughter cheer the team to victory.  What an All-American Girl!  Kinsey is so sweet, and kind.  We love her beyond measure.

Today Mr. Joe and I are attacking the garage.  I need to unveil my long-arm and get it humming away on Country Romance.  It is all marked and ready to be quilted.  The pattern is almost all written too.  There just aren't enough hours in the day.

More pictures tomorrow from the retreat.