Friday, April 24, 2009

Wildlife at the cabin

Good Morning,

I'll bet there isn't another quilting blog site out there that has an image like this one!!

My children know how much I enjoy seeing wildlife, especially right around the cabin. We've had bears and bear cubs up on our deck. We have herds of deer pass by and of couse all of the typical creatures that live in the mountains. So for my birthday this year, they (the kids, not the creatures) all chipped in and bought me a critter cam. The infra-red camera takes 30-second video clips upon activation...that is when something walks in front of it.

Every morning, Zinny and I head out with coffee cup in hand and walk down to the back of the lot so she can do her "thing" and I can collect the video card out of the camera that we've placed at a well-defined game trail. We come back to the cabin and watch the video clips of frolicking raccoons, skunks and the 3-legged coyote. Well, was I surprised when this mountain lion appeared on my computer screen! Needless to say, Zinny and I have not been taking our walks through the woods to the lake every afternoon. I'm afraid she's going to end up as an appetizer for this scrawny mountain lion.

I just took a screen capture of the video so the quality isn't top notch but you get the picture. When I first saw the video, for a split second I thought it was a kangaroo.....which is total nonsense, but the tail was so long it threw me for a loop.

We plan on hunkering down inside the cabin this rainy day so I can work on the final blocks for the Blossom of Friendship quilt. I'm not going to risk going outside for long walks until I finish this quilt!!!

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