Thursday, March 4, 2010

...and the winner is!!!!!!

Good Morning Quilters,

Joe, Zinny and I spent the last hour setting up this photo shoot to select the winner of the Heartfire pattern. All I can say is E-GADS! First I very carefully wrote the names on the doggy biscuits. I then placed the biscuits on the kitchen table....BIG MISTAKE. I wasn't quick enough to grab the camera to snap a picture of Zinny with her paws on the table (giant NO! NO!) eating three of the biscuits.

The next step was to reprimand dog and put her outside while I started the process over. I took a picture of the entrants.

Then I sprinkled them on the floor while Joe held Zinny.
Look at her concentration......should I pick this one?

Or should I pick this one?

Congratulations to LINDA PALMER you are the winner! Please email your address to and the pattern will be on the way to your mailbox.

I said last week that this would be a very scientific, double-blind selection. Have you ever tried to put a blindfold on a dog? Don't try it!
Have a great day everyone. Do something that you enjoy.
As always,


  1. OMG.....what a great idea to pick a name.....your doggie looks really into this idea.....LOL.....I should use this all I need a a puppy dog!
    Take care.

  2. How much fun was that, I didn't win but visiting your blog and your great photos was such a reward. What a lovely Friend Zinny is! ... Table manners are so hard to teach our furry friends. I know to well when we go to bed one of more of our cats get on my do I know? My table runner is no longer straight like it had been all day. I put foil on the kitchen counters.. not sure if that works or not? giggle. I use lots of peroxide mixed with water in a spray bottle,in the morning! Naughty Kitty! Naughty!

  3. Thank You Zinny for picking my name!!! It was a surprise to see my name had been picked. Lynn, looking forward to receving
    the Quilt pattern.

    Linda Palmer

  4. Will the pattern/kit also be available through In Between Stitches? I hope so. Heidi

  5. Hello Heidi,
    Yes, there were eight kits as of Monday. I'm on my way to the shop this morning to help out with the Shop Hop. The pattern is also available at the store. Thank you so much for asking! --Lynn

  6. ROFL! What a hilarious way to pick a winner! Congratulations to everyone (and SCORE Zinny!).