Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blossoms of Friendship

Good Morning Everyone,

Since I've not been quilting too much this week, I was absolutely delighted when Sue sent me a picture of her Blossoms of Friendship quilt top. Sue is going to hand quilt her quilt. She said it will be on the frame for an "undetermined amount of time." An heirloom quilt like this cannot be rushed and will be worth every loving stitch Sue.

This quilt is how my blog began over two years ago. Little did I know at the time when I started this BOM and the blog, just how many friendships would "blossom." I've had the good fortune to meet half of the participants in the program when many of you brought your blocks to the shop as you worked on them. Some of you then signed up for the Party In The Garden BOM and I got to see some familiar faces and names again.

The pressure is on......what am I going to offer next? I still have to finish my Blossoms of Friendship quilt! It is so close to being completed and after seeing Sue's quilt, I want to get back to it just as soon as I can.

Have a wonderful day and week everyone.

As always,

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  1. Inspiration Inspiration is written all over this posting! I love Sue's quilt....
    I'm working on Susana right now.
    Thanks for posting the picture of her quilt.