Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Should Have Known Better

Hello Everyone,

I should have known better and not tried to attempt a Baptist Fan groovy board on a 100" square quilt without practice, practice, practice first.  Here is a picture of pass number one.....and I started getting sick to my stomach when I came around to the front of the quilt and really looked at what I had done.  What took minutes to quilt......took FIVE hours to remove!  Those five hours gave me time to reflect on what I had done and what I needed to do.

I needed to bite the bullet and do what I do best.....custom quilting in each and every block.  Crosshatching in the sashings and feathers in the borders. The quilting in each block will be unique and have my personal touch stitched into each and every one.

Two rows and ten hours later, I'm so much happier with the quilting.......tired, but pleased.

What was I thinking?  How could I have taken the quickest way out to quilt this quilt? 

Had I stuck with the original plan, I would not have been proud to say I quilted it.  This quilt would have gone away to the closet, never to be seen again.  Or Zinnie would have had the biggest dog bed in history!

I'm so much happier today than I was Tuesday.  I still have at least two more full days of quilting.  Then 400" of binding!  I want to get this quilted by Sunday, so I can park myself in front of the TV and watch football while stitching.

Moral of the story, I knew better not to take the easy way out.  I now have the words, "I Will Not Take Shortcuts" tattooed on my forehead!

Gotta go quilt!

As always,



  1. Well, I love Baptist Fans, but I have to agree that your custom quilting in each block is a better fit - that's just beautiful!

  2. You are doing a fabulous job and you learned a valuable lesson too.
    I learned a lesson a few years ago. I will never quilt anything bigger than a table runner myself. I leave it to the pro's like you with a long arm. I just hate spending countless hours making something beautiful for it to turn out horrible.

  3. Your quilting each of the squares differently brings your eyes to each and every square. Where the over all quilting just makes your eyes just scan over the whole quilt. The way you did it enhances the quilt. Love it.

  4. Sometimes the hardest of lessons are the best ones, Lynn! While the Baptist Fan would have been wonderful - your custom quilting is incredible! You'll truly have a treasure when you're done! I'm with you - love that binding at the end!

  5. I feel for you, but I agree. We must remove all bad stitches! We need to feel good about our work.

  6. I feel your pain of those five hours of unpicking, one of my absolutely least favourite thing to do.
    However, it was so worth it, as usual your custom quilting is so beautiful! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Warm regards,Rowena

  7. Why is it only after trying something new we discover, what we know and do best is the answer to the question? Love the quilting, the quilt will be a real heirloom, and I hope you get to enjoy the journey.

  8. Wow this is surely a heirloom piece after all your efforts, your replacement quilting now is marvelous.

  9. I love the quilting of each block. Sorry you had to spend 5 hours ripping out all of the other quilting you did :-(

  10. Hello Lynn,

    Oh my goodness all that un-picking was so worth it. Happy days.