Friday, August 23, 2013

Harvest of Hope Quilt Pattern

Hello Everyone,
I didn't leave the house all day long yesterday because I wanted to get the directions done for this quilt.  All of the pages are now in the hands of the proofreaders.  The pattern cover is finished too.  The picture of the quilt hanging from the back of the outhouse made the final cut.

All of the pumpkin labels arrived nicely packaged from Olde America Antiques.  A pumpkin label will be included in every pattern to be appliqued onto the barn. 

The applique sheets have returned from the printer.....all 1,000 of them!  They are waiting to be collated and put into the plastic pattern bag.  Once the final edits are done on the pattern, Mr. Joe and I will be printing and stuffing them.  The family that "stuffs" together, stays together is our motto.

The collage that so many of you liked is on the back of the pattern. 

A special thank you goes out to everyone that voted for In Between Stitches in the Major League Quilting competition.  The shop has advanced to the next bracket and will play again on Sept. 16th.

Next I have to turn my attention to Quilting in the Garden and the Patchwork Math class I'm teaching on Wednesday, September 25th.  But before that, I have to prepare for the quilt show in Georgetown on Saturday, September 21st.  The Needle Nellies have invited me back this year to be the featured artist again! 

There's never a dull moment at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  I'm always getting ready for the next event, quilt show or pattern roll out while still enjoying the family and all the little kids.  Our 5-year-old grandson has his first ever soccer game this Saturday.  I can't wait to watch him play.  All three of our children played high-comp soccer and traveled all over California and Nevada for years from the age of 8 to when they retired from soccer at 18.  It is fun for us to be back on the field cheering again......we are seasoned cheerleaders!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Make it count!



  1. Never a dull moment indeed! And maybe soon your grandchildrenw will be old enough to take over the pattern stuffing job; then truly an industry for the whole family.

  2. Congratulations Lynn!!!!
    What a great way to start your weekend!!

  3. That's a good job jobbed I reckon. The front cover looks great and I love the collage you used for the back.

  4. When can we order the pattern and label? Where do we place an order? Love the pattern. Your a very talented lady.

  5. Now if that won't sell the first 1,000 quickly - I don't know what would! Gorgeous, Lynn! Oh, how much fun - instead of a soccer mom you're now a soccer granny ;>)

  6. This pattern is so charming! I can hardly wiat for autumn to be here. You do such wonderful designs!

  7. Your quilt looks beautiful displayed on that outhouse! Congratulations on your new pattern!