Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Work, Work, Work

Hello Everyone,
We really haven't had time to enjoy our surroundings once we got settled in.  I have four shows coming up in the next six weeks, along with two retreats, guild lecture and workshop, and teaching at Quilting in the Garden.
My sister Gail came up last week, and she spent three days cutting kits to make table toppers.  During the football game on Sunday, I put this one together.  Quilted, bound, done.

Here a just a few of the kits all packed and ready to go.

We have table toppers for Fall.

We also have table toppers for Winter and Christmas.

This is Gail's homework bin which she took home to package.  The packaging takes a fair bit of time.

We also have fat quarters of the new Apple Cider fabrics.  Lights sell like hotcakes at a show.

Gail has also been working on more little packets for the Grammy Squares.  My class is at Quilting in the Garden on the 21st of September at Alden Lane Nursery.  (Yikes, that is next week!) The nursery is such a beautiful place to visit, with or without quilts or quilt classes.

To help repay Gail for all of her efforts, we do feed her well.  What you are not seeing, is Gail with her chair tipped back, feet up, enjoying a glass of wine.

I'm off to class this morning at In Between Stitches.  After that, we are off to softball batting practice to see our granddaughter.  Then back to the mountains on Wednesday to finish getting ready for the Sierra Quilt Guild show this weekend.  Time management is going to be key over the next few weeks.




  1. Love those table toppers, Lynn!!! See you soon.....

  2. Busy, busy! Love Apple Cider lights. They sell out really quickly here at my LQS too. If I lived closer, I'd work for food too ... and don't forget that glass of wine! *wink*

  3. Your kits are beautiful. Do you think maybe you have over scheduled yourself a bit...Stay healthy, stress can be a killer.

  4. Yes, I have to say, the food has been delicious! Lynn forgot to mention the wonderful homemade manicotti we had the next night! I had enough leftovers for 3 meals! That got me through my "homework"! I now have a bin full of folded projects to take up to the cabin on Thursday.

  5. If Gail ever needs a substitute - I'm your gal! Nice work, Gail - and well rewarded!

  6. Are you hiring?!?!?! All of that pretty fabric and awesome (food) salary!!! Looks like a dream job to me!!! :-)