Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Quilt Show Recap

Hello Everyone,
I took a few days off to decompress from vending at the Quilt Show in Grass Valley, California.  It takes hours/days prior to a show cutting kits, printing patterns, and packaging items.  My sister Gail and I worked for three days getting things ready. 
Here are just a few pictures from over 200 amazing quilts on display.  The butterfly is all 6" blocks.  It is a work of art.

This quilt is not out of focus.  The rows were off set creating a unique look.

We met so many delightful quilters during the show.  It was like old home week seeing so many people that we knew.  There were lots of hugs all round.
Our friend, and weekend hostess Nancie, met us at the show and helped us create the booth. Nancie's home is the best B & B EVER!
 I can remember that I was terrified the first time I was a vendor and wondered how in the world could I possibly fill a 10' booth.  Now I'm up to 20' and run out of room.

I love it when I get an end booth so I can display quilts on the side.

It's never too early to start those Christmas projects.

I demonstrate how to make Grammy Square blocks during the 2-day show.  This quilt was the big seller for the weekend.

Now you have to look carefully at this photo out of our dining room window.  Monday morning, I was standing by the dining room table reading the obituary column in the Chico State newsletter, when something caught my eye.  A bear had crawled up the side of the deck and was having breakfast at the bird feeder. I was so surprised, it's a wonder my name didn't appear in the obituary section!  By the time I found my phone, I was only able to capture the two little paws in the middle of the picture.  No, it is not Mr. Joe wearing furry gloves, it was a juvenile bear. I was so glad that Gail was there and saw it too.  Now the bird feeder comes into the cabin every night.

Mazey was a little skittish throughout the morning and stuck pretty close the us and the cabin. 

I've been working on the Alaska quilt.  I'm pleased with the progress so far.  I just need to step up my game and get it finished......soon!




  1. Beautiful pictures, Lynn.

  2. I was looking forward to your Quilt Show post and you didn't disappoint! What artists they have <3
    And welcome to the Wilder home baby bear!! But now it's time to go back to your den....

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures of the quilt show. But where was it? Grass Valley, (state?)

  4. Great show and I'm sure your booth was the biggest hit, Lynn! You all deserve some decompressing time for sure! Now about that bear - you better not show up in the obits - you have a cruise to do!

  5. good idea about the bird feeder coming in every night!! Not good to lay out a smorgasboard to welcome in a growing bear!! Stay safe! See you soon in Santa Rosa!! Hugs, H

  6. Can you hear me screaming? xx

  7. I also have to bring in my bird feeders every night(incuding the hummingbird feeders) due to raccoon raiders! They'll tear up any and all feeders to get food. Guess that's why they wear masks! hahaha