Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Harvest Festival

Hello Everyone,

Joe and I took a break from quilting, pattern writing, and woodworking last Saturday and headed to Murphys, California for the Home Harvest Festival at Ironstone Vineyards.  It was a beautiful Autumn day with crystal blue sky and shirt sleeve weather.

What is it about Autumn that makes it such a special time of year?  Is it the low angle of the sun in the afternoon?  It is the beautiful colors everywhere you look?  Is it the smell of apples and pumpkin pie?  I know for me it is all of the above and I LOVE IT!  You have to get outside to really enjoy Autumn and feel the subtlety of change in the air..
These caught our eye and we were totally mesmerized by this garden art swirling in the sunlight.  They are copper marble spinners by Copper River Creations out of Pioneer, CA.
They were very unique and we thought one of the best buys at the festival.
This is the entrance to Ironstone. 

My friend Kathy and I are off to Pacific International Quilt Festival tomorrow in Santa Clara.  It is quite an event and feast for the eyes.  I'll take my camera and you'll be dazzled by the quilts.

Today I will be  hauling out my fall decorations and tear the house apart before it gets all back together again.  I'm really late getting my decorations out this year.  I was just way too busy quilting and pattern writing.

 Before you know it, we'll all be decorating for Christmas!  On that cheery note......have a wonderful week.

As always,


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