Saturday, March 8, 2014

Border Blocks

Hello Everyone,
Just a short post to show you that I've been working on the blocks for the border.  I make two at a time which streamlines the process.
I have two more cut out and ready for sewing.  Four down, twenty to go.  I won't have this quilt finished in time for the show in Auburn this month. I'm trying to have at least a flimsy done in time for my guild talk in April in Paradise.  There is a lot happening between now and then on my calendar, and it's going to be hard to carve out large blocks of time to devote to this quilt.  But a few hours here, and a few hours there, all add up to a finished quilt......eventually.
I spent most of yesterday writing patterns until I couldn't stand to sit at the computer any longer. It's a slowwwww process.
Happy Weekend!


  1. Very girlfriend always says that if you work on it 1 hour a day it will get done......

  2. Lovely blocks ! You have been making great progress. Looking forward to seeing you at the Auburn Quilt show :-D

  3. Your blocks are so pretty. You have such expertise with colour choices!

  4. When you have a spare five minutes, I'll have a quilt please, made up of these beautiful blocks!