Saturday, March 1, 2014

Round and Around I Go

Hello Everyone,

The baskets are multiplying for Emilie Elizabeth, not as quickly as I'd like, but they are half finished.

The ribbon border, comprised of 104 parallel geese, is now attached.....and it fit....perfectly!  This center section measures 34" square.  My original plan has the whole quilt finishing at 81" inches square......I have a lot more to do to fill in another 46 inches.

So far I've used the following components from my Patchwork Math book:
     -Two sizes of double flying geese
     -Parallel geese
     -Half-square triangles, double flying geese and 4-patches in the baskets
My sewing room looks like an assembly line.  Parts, pieces and quilting components lay stacked and made, just waiting to be incorporated into the design.
I'm off to the shop today to team teach 3D Noughts and Crosses with my sister Gail. We have a "sold out" venue of quilters anxious to make the quilt.  I'll post pictures and let you know how the "Sister Act" performed.  Gail, does that mean we are a hot ticket?  Should we take our show on the road?  I'll go dust off my tap shoes and I'm ready!


  1. Love these baskets!! You gals need your capes on so you can 'zoom' in and out. I was going to suggest wrestler outfits if tag teaming, but you would think ill of me if I asked you to put a uni-tard on.

  2. And where she'll stop nobody knows! And please don't cuz we love the eye candy! Parallel Flying Goosies! Now there's another new formation you've taught them! I like it!!! Good luck in class today or should I say best behavior to the sisters! Hi & Hugs to Gail! I'm not sure about the tap dancing my world that's just asking for a black eye...or two!! It is a good day to bust out the tiaras though!

  3. You have some great progress on Emilie Elizabeth! I know you and Gail will have so much fun today. Enjoy!

  4. Nice! And how satisfying to have something (anything!) come out perfect.

  5. I love this! A medallion quilt is on my "someday" list.

  6. Very nice ! Your baskets are really coming along and so cute. Have fun with Gail today teaching the class !

  7. Beautiful baskets. I really am loving this quilt.

  8. I want to see you and Gail tap dancing!! I'm humming the old song "Sister's" from the movie just now! Emilie Elizabeth is coming along nicely! Just one question - when are you sleeping, Lynn????!

  9. Oh this quilt is looking just beautiful. It would be a lovely quilt if you stopped just there but I must admit I can't wait to see where you go next with it.

    I hope the class went well - did you wear your tiaras?