Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Grapevine Quilter's Show Part One

Hello Everyone,
This is going to be a two part post as I have so many pictures from the Quilts in Bloom Quilt Show last weekend in Ukiah.
I want to thank the Grapevine Quilters so much for making this such a pleasant experience. You were all so helpful and attentive to us throughout the entire show.
My appointment time to be at the loading dock was 1pm.  Since I'm always early for everything, we arrived around noon (after our lunch and milkshakes at the Bebop diner), with two vehicles full of quilts, product, and props.  
Gail and I were delighted we could unload early, and then we went from delighted to thrilled when young men and women from the California Conservation Corps (CCC) were there to help us unload! The young women and men of the Corps work hard protecting and restoring California’s environment and responding to disasters, becoming stronger workers, citizens and individuals through their service.  Helping out at the quilt show is part of their outreach program to the community.

With cars unloaded, and everything deposited in our "spot", we went to work unpacking and arranging our living space for the next two days.

We had an additional four feet of floor space which really made a difference.  I usually have a 10' wide booth, and it can get pretty cramped.  From now on I'm going to spring for the larger-sized booth.  It was much, MUCH easier to display the quilts and product.

Good old Country Charmer is always the favorite!

Ukiah is in wine country, so I brought Once Upon a Vine with me, and it drew some interest.

Grammy Squares is hot on the heels of Country Charmer when it comes to sales.  I'm finding this quilt just draws people into the booth, both men and women.  You've heard of "chic magnet", well this is a "quilt magnet".  People are curious to see how it's made.

We met the nicest people last weekend.  From quilters to non-quilters, you were so pleasant!  While I demonstrated Patchwork Math, Gail manned the check-out area. It is good to have an accountant in the family!
We were so happy to see our friend Helen from Healdsburg, and our buddy Jeanne from Penngrove.  Helen was able to stay and join us for dinner Saturday night.  Jeanne kept us company for lunch on Sunday. You girls went out of your way to see the show, spend some time with us, and we appreciated it so much.
At the close of the show, here comes the CCC to help us put everything away and haul it back to our cars.  We had everything packed up and safely stowed away in ONE HOUR!   We were like horses heading for the barn.
I could not have done this show without the help and companionship of my sister, Gail.  You are a trooper!  Now about your snoring.......you really did sound like a rotary dial phone!
Again our thanks to the Grapevine Quilters.  We'll be seeing you in February at your guild for a lecture and workshop, and we will see you again at the show next year! 


  1. Yay for the CCC's! A dear old friend, may he rest in peace, was in the original CCC's! He talked fondly of his time with them often. Looks like your both might have stolen the show once again, Lynn! Next time make sure Gail changes her ring tone ;>)

  2. Went to Ukiah to see the Quilt in Bloom quilt show and to see Lynn and Gail in the booth. The booth was nicely decorated with all Lynn's quilt! Met a lot of nice people, both quilters and non-quilters. Lynn's booth was the best! Stayed and had lunch with Lynn and Gail. Thanks for visiting with me....

  3. Sounds like you had a good time at the show. How wonderful to have the help at the start and the finish, it must have made so much difference.

  4. It was so good to see you!! So glad to hear that with the help you were out of there in an hour!! And I hope the drive home was as pretty as the one coming up. I've got about 20 hexies cut and am planning on sewing a few of the heartfire blocks today!! Can't wait!! Have a wonderful week and tell Gail hi for me the next time you talk to her!! And let us know where your next show is. You never know.... hugs, H

  5. Such a beautiful booth! Come on Lynn, you must know that NOBODY snores (even though they do!)! I still absolutely adore Country Charmer, and the Grammy Squares is right on its heals. It reminds me of the crochet afghans I have made. Love all the pics, thanks so much!

  6. Love your 'quilt magnet' and I can see why it has such appeal. Sounds like you had a thoroughly lovely weekend.

  7. Beautiful booth! So looking forward to having you in Chico! Just sent a reply to your email. Thank you, Jo

  8. Your booth looks so perfect! Isn't it nice to have help loading and unloading at shows? Very few seem to supply help, but I sure to appreciate it when they do.

  9. Yes, you ladies of the Grapevine Quilter's Guild in Ukiah were amazing and a very talented and productive group! Lynn and I so enjoyed the show and it was very well organized! Thanks to all of you who made it a very pleasant experience! Now about my snoring...I didn't hear a thing!