Monday, June 8, 2015

Squash House Meets Sew'n Wild Oaks

Hello Everyone,
We've been waiting for months for Candace from Squash House Quilts to arrive and today is the day!  Both Candace and Mr. Squash will be joining us for the next five days.  Mazey is waiting by the front door, ready to pounce on them when they arrive around noon today.  It is great to have a dog the same color as your carpet.  The dog hair blends in nicely.  But, so does the dog, and we've been know to stubble over her when we aren't paying attention.

The quilts are hanging by the chimney with care, in hopes that Mrs. Squash soon would be there.  (It's a stretch, but it's really, really early!)

It is a good thing we have company occasionally so the house gets a good cleaning.  My daughter-in-law is always telling me to hire a housekeeper.  Why should I?  I have Mr. Joe to help out.

Their bedroom is all ready for their arrival. 

We'll be spending a few days at the cabin, so both of their rooms are ready and waiting for some California Dreamin'.

We have a full schedule planned while they are here, and it includes a day at Yosemite.  We are hoping there is some water in Yosemite Falls!  It's going to be iffy.

Stayed tuned throughout the week and I'll try to post when I can on the adventures of Mr. & Mrs. Squash meet the Sew'n Wild Oaks crew.



  1. Gorgeous quilts (as usual). So GREAT to see Mazey! She is so beautiful and shiny! Hope you have fun! XO

  2. How Fun ! Mr & Mrs Squash will be in town :-D Looking forward to seeing pictures of there visit !

  3. Beautiful quilts. Yes having guests in the house is always a motivator for deep cleaning

  4. I can't believe the day has finally arrived either! I think you should make Candace a guest blogger while she is here. I will give up my position, for now. Can't wait to meet Candace tomorrow in class! She is in for a fun day and she and Mr. Squash will really enjoy the week as your special guests!

  5. You have some truly beautiful quilts in your home.

  6. I know the Wild Squashes will have a wonderful time, even if there is no water to dip your toes into! I still haven't forgiven the government for disrupting our visit to Yosemite with their stupid shut down! Someday...

  7. Hope you all have a great week - can't wait to see more pictures!

  8. Oh have fun. The photos are bringing back happy memories, and I hope you get to Yosemite without any government interference!

  9. Hope you all are having a fabulous time. We love getting together with the Squashes. They are so wonderful and fun!! Hugs!