Monday, September 19, 2016

The Needle Nellies Quilt Show

Hello Everyone,
Gail and I just returned from the Needle Nellies Quilt Show in Georgetown, CA.  All proceeds from the show and ticket sales for the opportunity quilt go directly to the Volunteer Fire Department.  I've always said that California is always shaking like a wet dog or we are burning up.  No matter what calamity, the Volunteer Fire Department is always there to help.

Our adventure started when we pulled up to the American River Inn, our home for the night. 

I can highly recommend the Inn for a quiet getaway destination. 

We met up with the Needle Nellies for dinner at the newly renovated Georgetown Hotel.

We had a great dinner out in the patio area.  The weather couldn't have been any nicer. 

We were up early and headed over to start setting up for the outdoor show.  This is the Nellies award winning opportunity quilt, Toyland Tree.

Some of the girls in the Nellies applique group made their own version of Toyland Tree too!

 I had a ball seeing their quilts!

 I was just a babe in Toyland looking at their creativity.

 They were all spectacular.

This quilter didn't want another Christmas quilt, but she did want to make a baby quilt with the blocks.  Too cute!
As the featured artist, the volunteer firemen and the Nellies helped me set up in the gazebo area.  This panorama gives you a good idea of all my space.

I demonstrated Patchwork Math throughout the entire day while Gail manned the cash register. I could never do this by myself.

Here is just a sampling of quilts made by the talented Nellies.

As always, the Needle Nellies rolled out the red carpet and treated us like royalty. Thank you girls for being so special and making our trip to Georgetown so memorable.  Your efforts on behalf of the Volunteer Fire Department, make your community safer.  You are all a blessing to your quaint, little town.



  1. I echo Lynn's sentiments! This is an incredible group of talented ladies that always makes our visit memorable! Thank you all!

  2. So many wonderful versions of your Toyland Tree quilt !!!
    Looks like a great quilt show !

  3. You should've had each of those Babes pose with their respective Toyland...I know...tall order. We were talking about what fun it would be to visit the Nellies show again. That gazebo is such a nice space for you, by now it probably feels like your little home away from home! I love that they utilize the exterior for quilt display while you're tucked in safely on the inside.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful experience and the quilts are beautiful ♥

  5. Hello Lynn,

    It was fun to see the different fabrics used in the Toyland quilt. Some amazing quilts on display, especially love the one with the man and the one above it. Beautiful photo of the quilt on the old fire truck.

    Happy days.

  6. Thanks for making us feel like we were there in person, Lynn! What a great show! And you look fabulous!!!