Friday, March 17, 2017

Spoken For Class at Cloth and Quilts

Hello Everyone,
I'm working on a new tutorial for Spoken For.  I got a little carried away as I kept making more and more of these addicting little blocks.


This is the last block I finished up yesterday afternoon.  I'm only pulling from my scraps for this go round.  It will be a combination of reproduction fabrics and whatever else I have in my fabric cupboard.  Anything is fair game for inclusion in this quilt.  I'm also thinking about making it 8 blocks by 9 blocks......for a queen-sized bed.  I know I'm crazy, but I can just picture this one as a bed quilt.  I think I will set it differently too.  No sashing.  How about them apples?  I'll keep you posted on my progress which is going to be slow, as this is just the start of a very busy time for me.  Quilting time is going to be at a premium.

I'm putting a tutorial together as several of the girls have been making the blocks, and they all have different sizes.  There are 20 seams going around the block.  This gives you 20 opportunities to make a boo boo. 1/16th of an inch here and there all add up to a bigger block.  As soon as I get the tutorial finished, I'll post it online.

I'm teaching a Spoken For class at Cloth and Quilts on Monday, March 20th.  There are a couple of openings, so click HERE if you are interested.  Would love to see and meet you in Turlock next week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!



  1. I think they would look wonderful just put randomly on a background fabric, maybe with 3 or so different sizes.

  2. Oh my! Twenty ways to make a mistake. I only need one! Yours are flawless and beautiful.

  3. Oh - my favorite brand of apples - Queen size!

  4. Super pretty quilt. Wish I were close enough to join in on your class. :)