Friday, February 9, 2018

Let the Shopping Begin

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was a looooong day as we prepared our booth for the quilt show in Folsom, CA.  My sister Gail, Mr. Joe,  and I left the cabin at 9am with three, fully-loaded SUVs full of quilty stuff, and one dog for the show in Folsom.  For us, Folsom is a beautiful 2-hour drive through the countryside.  No freeways, mainly a 2-lane road through rolling hills and farmland.  It's a beautiful drive.

Set up began at noon sharp, not one minute sooner, and we turned an empty space into a haven to sit back and enjoy.  But we were too tired to enjoy it for too long. 

I want my booth to look like my living room, cozy, and comfy.  I've had quilters ask if they could bring in an armchair and just sit.

I always put my little note cards on the antique portable desk.  You never know when you might want to send someone a letter.

Set up needed to be completed by 5pm.  We dashed to our hotel and cleaned up to be more presentable for the Guild's Preview Party beginning at 6:30pm.  Each member is encouraged to bring a friend and they shop until they drop, (and we drop) until 8:30pm.

We staggered, I mean gracefully walked to our cars and drove back to the hotel and literally fell into bed.  We tried to watch some of the Olympics.  We really tried, but I kept flinching every time a skater fell on the ice.  Each flinch woke me up, so off with the TV. 

I will be demonstrating in this area for the next three days, or until my voice gives out, whichever comes first.  I'm demonstrating Patchwork Math, and quilting with hexagons.....or whatever people asked me to show.  I have to be on my toes and pretend that I know what I'm talking about!  Do you know how hard it is to act, and speak with any sort of intelligence for three days!  By Sunday I will be a babbling idiot.

Here's a wide screen view of the booth.  First thing this morning, after multiple cups of coffee, and an Aleve, we will restock from last nights two-hour shopping spree.  Once the crowds start to arrive, we will forget our aches and pains, and enjoy chatting with the quilters and non-quilters alike.  It's amazing how many non-quilters come for the show just to enjoy the works of art.

Come on by if you can and give us a hug.  We love seeing all of our quilting friends, and meeting new quilters.  Your comments and love keeps us buoyed throughout the day.



  1. Love your booth - I would come see if I lived anywhere near by - but I'm afraid I'm a long distance away - your booth is very appealing to the eye it would draw me in for sure.

  2. Beautiful booth! I hope your sales do well.

  3. Sending hugs in spirit!!!! IF you feel ANY soft breezes, they have arrived!!

  4. Your booth looks beautiful! So warm and inviting.

  5. good luck the next few days!! I hope your booth is successful and you get a break to sit down once in awhile. Tell Gail hi for me! Hugs, H

  6. Such a lovely set up - so inviting with that home hearth look to it. Wish I was closer so I could visit.

  7. What a fantastic booth! It really makes me wish I was on the west coast instead of the east coast. It is so inviting, just draws one in.

  8. Sending virtual hugs! Your booth is amazing and looks so inviting! I wish you all the best and say hello to Gail too!

  9. Wish I lived closer because your booth looks so cozy and warm. Best wishes for a great show.

  10. Consider this a big hug, Lynn! If your voice gives out you can always put Mazey in the booth - I'm sure she'll have a lot to say!

  11. Your booth always looks Amazing Lynn! Sending big hugs !!
    Have a Awesome day and say hi to Gail for me :-D

  12. Oh, how I wish I lived closer. Your booth looks amazing! Would love to pull up a chair and just sit :)