Thursday, July 7, 2011

Midnight Star Quilt

Hello Everyone,
I'm teaching a class called Midnight Star next week at In Between Stitches.  The pattern is from Mary's Hickey's Comfort and Joy 14 Quilts for Christmas  from Martingale & Company.  I made this quilt so many years ago that I needed to give myself a refresher course yesterday.  There is nothing worse than to appear to be a complete idiot while teaching a quilting class!

My original plan for my day was to make one of each of the three blocks.  Well, 10 blocks later I finally called it a day!  I would make a block and think, that's cute, I think I will make another one.

The new version is going to be very scrappy.  I'm beginning to think that Scrappy is my new middle name!  I have limited fabric selection here at the cabin, so I make due with what I have.  It has become quite the challenge that I enjoy.

Note that I have included all of my required elements, polka dots, checks, stripes and plaids!

I decided that I want to include a machine quilting feather and cable tutorial for the class.  I haven't machine quilted on my Bernina in another refresher course for me yesterday in machine quilting.  First I marked a strip of fabric with my stencil.

I drew in some arrows to show the class how to continuously quilt their borders.

....and here you go, my sample of the cable and feather.  While quilting on my Bernina, I remembered how much fun it is to machine quilt.....once I figured out how to lower my feed dogs.  I actually had to get out the manual.

I traced the design on a piece of paper so everyone in the class can have a copy.  Proudly they can say, I quilted this quilt myself!

Check out Cathy's blog Quilting on Main Street and you can see that she is busy working on Christmas projects also. You can also join her Christmas in July Quilt Along. And, this Saturday is the Christmas Quilt Along hosted by Sue.  Check out her blogsite this weekend and you can see what quilters all around the globe are making for Christmas.

Have a wonderful day!

As always,



  1. WOW! I just love this quilt ! Could I use a jelly roll for this pattern ?

  2. I would love to be in your well organized and LOVE the project!!

  3. Your quilting looks amazing, just like on your LA!!!

  4. Very pretty! You have a great stash to draw from. And thanks for the mention.

  5. I think you should teach a class here in the Gardnerville/Carson City area.....just saying (wishing!!)

  6. Oh good heavens, the quilting looks SO complicated!............kaaren

  7. I thought the title of that book sounded familiar - and what do you know - it's in my stash! Great ideas here, Lynn - or should I say "Scrappy" - lol! Love your domestic machine quilting - nothing like that has ever come out of my Bernina!!

  8. I love the quilt and also your machine quilting is awesome. When are you going to come to the UK and teach?

  9. Love that quilt too! Great colors, everything about it is perfection.

  10. Your quilt is truly beautiful. It definitely is a "Wow" quilt. You make machine quilting look easy.

  11. Oh, love scrappy - this is just beautiful!