Friday, July 1, 2011

More Minglewood Blocks

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, in between sprucing up the yard and the house, I managed to make three more blocks for the Minglewood quilt.  The first two blocks are called King's Crown Squared

My friend Carol was in the shop last Monday and she helped me pick out the fabric for the blocks.  We both loved the combination of blues and browns. 

This block is called Mosaic Variation. How's this one for lots of half-square triangles!

This block makes a very bold statement when combined with the rest of the blocks.  I have been making two of every block in the book......but I haven't decided yet if I want two of this design in the finished quilt.

I may make another Mosaic Variation out of my leftover scraps and see how it fits in and plays well with everyone else.

Today is cooking/baking day.  We are going to put a 10 pound brisket of beef that has been marinating all night in the fridge, on the smoker and drive the neighbors crazy all day with the wonderful aroma.  To go with the beef, I'm making some chicken and sausage chili along with some homemade dinner rolls.  I just may be taking some pictures and post some recipes if all of this turns out as good as it sounds. 

Happy Friday everyone and have a safe 4th of July.

As always,



  1. Sounds sooooo good! Lucky neighbors.

  2. As usual, the blocks are perfect.

  3. Beautiful looking blocks, and your meat sounds just wonderful. I keep sniffing to see if the aroma has reached me, but nothing yet - maybe it's a bit too early?

  4. Fantastic color combos! I'm just tickled brown and blue, Lynn!! Oh that brisket sounds good, too - we've really been thinking about buying a smoker this summer - you now have me right on the edge...