Thursday, March 1, 2012

How I Spent My Leap Day

Hello Everyone,

Contrary to popular belief, I do not spend all day everyday quilting....well almost.   Yesterday, Mr. Joe and I spent the day with our family on a 2-1/2 hour, 3 mile guided walk through a colony of elephant seals at Ano Nuevo State Park on the California coast.

A storm blew in overnight and we were prepared for the worst.  But as you can see while we had a picnic, the sun was shining down on our outing.

The California coastline is rugged and spectacular.  The sea was energized from the storm and the waves were crashing nearby.

The little boys were filled with energy and were trying to see the seals from this vantage point.

We set out on our scheduled departure time to meet with our tour guide.  Off in the distance you can just barely see the white barn where our walk began.

The little kids were troopers the whole afternoon.  Cousins forming a strong family bond.

We finally met our tour guide and docent Ron, who took us out right into the colony.

This is the first bull elephant seal that we came across.  I didn't have a telephoto lens on the camera.  We stayed within the requested 25 feet of the animals.....we seemed so close to them.

Another bull.  They can weigh up to 2000 pounds.  They can move quicker than you'd think possible.

The remnants of a house once inhabited by a lighthouse keeper is just off the coast on Ano Nuevo Island.  The lighthouse no longer remains.  I would love to have had the opportunity to live out in the house for just a year.  What stories you would have about life on the island.  I had the little boys convinced that it was haunted.

At last count on February 18th, there were about 1000 seals still on the beach.  Had we been a couple of weeks earlier, we would have seen more. 

They gather together in groups for companionship just like humans.

Back to the trailhead.  The clouds were gathering all around us while we were bathed in sunshine.

Today I will quilt.  Maybe I'll work on a haunted house for the new Autumn quilt since I'm inspired by the haunted house I saw yesterday.  Oh the ideas are brewing just like the clouds.

As always,



  1. We went there when our kids were is very fun.

  2. Lynn, I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog - from the quilts to the gorgeous quilting, to posts like this one that allows me to tag along on your wonderful outing without having to get out of my pjs. Can't wait to read the next post!

  3. So glad the weather was perfect for you day with the grandchildren ! What a fun day you had ! Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pictures

  4. How very cool to see the seals like that! And yes - that would be neat to stay in that house for a year. It makes me think of the Forever Young movie.

  5. Thank you....what a gift this trip must have been for you all!