Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Quilt Divas - or - The Power of 15

Hello Everyone,
The Needle Nellies from Georgetown are indeed Quilt Diva's.  You girls rock!  I titled this post The Power of 15 because the guild has only 15 members.  Fifteen very talented, organized, fun-loving, dynamic ladies that know how to put on a quilt show.  This group of 15 women made 77 quilts for this show. Seventy-seven quilts!


My association with the guild started when they made my Party in the Garden design for their 2012 opportunity quilt to raise money for the Georgetown Fire Department.  Their version of the quilt was incredible!  Gail and I marvelled at the fabric selection, to the exquisite construction to the quilting.  It truly deserved all of the ribbons that it received prior to the show from County Fairs and other quilt shows.

The Georgetown guild began in 1997.  To date, they have raised and donated $34,900 to the  fire department.  They are the main support for the GFD's training center. 

The Georgetown quilt guild is like a well-oiled engine.....just like the engine in this old Studebaker fire truck.  They had a job to do to get their show together on the morning of the 15th, and it all came together beautifully, and in short order.  Gentlemen and gentlewomen, start your engines and let the quilt show begin!

Poles went up, quilts were hung, tables and chairs were strategically placed, and a quilt show was soon in the making. 

A nice breeze blew through the park gently making the quilts sway.  I felt as though the quilts were waving at me.

I took lots of pictures, and I know I'm probably leaving some of the Nellies out.....I'm sorry if I did and I apologize in advance.  Don't give up on me, I'm posting another round of pictures tomorrow.

The Nellies have an applique sub group.  They collectively decide on a project, and all make the same quilt.  This is Verna Mosquera's Faded Glory pattern from The Vintage Spool.  Or as Carole said, "Not so faded glory." Carole loves bright colors.

The next grouping of photos are the Fire Chief's choice from previous years.

I've finally stopped levitating like a magician's assistant.  I'm back on earth from Cloud 9.  Back to work at the shop, teaching quilting, laundry, cleaning and all the normal chores that I've let slip over the past month.  Mr. Joe has been picking up the slack and is ready to return to his woodworking shop, take off his apron and replace it with his tool belt.

More pictures tomorrow of the show.  Like I said in the beginning of this post,  "You girls rock!"




  1. I'm blown away, Lynn! If those 15 gals made 77 quilts with all the detail I see in your gorgeous pictures, they deserve medals! Such craftsmanship and originality! Can't wait to see the next round tomorrow!

  2. Thank you for sharing all these splendid quilts.

  3. All just gorgeous - and what perfect weather!

  4. WOW! I really enjoyed seeing all of these quilts !

  5. The show is fabulous! Such talent in that little group. Looking forward to seeing more!

  6. We are curious after seeing quilts we voted for...which ones won awards? Another day of our California visit found us lazily cruising through gorgeous tree lined roads in Placerville visiting some of the Apple Hill farms and buying goodies to share with the kids. There are some wonderful homes and stunning views. We also stopped at the cool quilt shop in Shingle Springs$$$. Maecee sniffed out some prints for the upcoming dachshund quilt. In the midst my quilter called to tell me my Christmas Stocking quilt is ready for pick home to Idaho then 2 hours to Oregon to switch out a flimsy for a quilty. Love her...she hand ties all the threads after the quilt comes off the machine...speaking of machines...I'm feeling the pangs of withdrawel and I just know my sewing machine is sitting amongst all those UFOs thinking shes been abandoned forever. Note to self...pack good handsewing lamp in car on next vacation...I have SSMAD...Seasonal Sewing Machine Affective Disorder...
    Nighty Night!!!

  7. Hello Lynn,

    Wow, what a display, obviously no UFO's allowed at Needle Nellie's. The display is awesome, considering the number of people involved. Well done ladies, the Fire Department must be so happy to have them help with fundraising.

    Happy days.

  8. WOW!!! Incredible show...thanks for taking us along!!

  9. It was wonderful to have you as our featured quilter and designer in Georgetown! Thank you so much for posting our show on your blog! You captured us in pictures beautifully. Lynda