Monday, April 1, 2013

Country Charmer Quilt Along

Hello Everyone,

Is it really the 1st of April already?  It's time for the Country Charmer Quilt Along update.

I'm so pleased to show you Tina's blocks. Tina has been following my blog for several years now and I always love to hear from her. I was so happy that she joined the quilt along. Here's a few snippets from her email:
"I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed making the blocks! Love, love, love the layout pattern - it sure helps with all of those little pieces. I can't wait to see everyone else's blocks! I've not used checks/plaids and dots before so it has been challenging to use these fabrics instead of flowers, but I like the way the blocks are turning out."
I like the way your blocks are turning out too Tina. Your quilt is going to be beautiful.

My quilt is off the long-arm and into my arms while I work on the binding.  Those of you that have been following my blog know that this is the third time I've made this quilt.  So is the 3rd time a Charmer?? 

I made the first two quilts in greens and reds.  This one is totally out of the scrap basket and was a lot of fun to make.

Every color of the rainbow is included in this quilt.

I love cross-hatching for an old fashioned look.

You can get a sampling of all the different colors I used in this picture.

My granddaughter said I "featherized" the borders.  I like that word!  I "featherize" quite a few of my quilts.

I'm off to the shop (In Between Stitches) this morning.  Just as soon as I get home, I'll travel around the world via the Internet and look at the progress everyone has made on their Country Charmer over the past month.
Many thanks to all of you who are making my pattern.  I've had so much fun watching your progress.  Also, many thanks to Lesley The Cuddle Quilter for organizing the Quilt Along. Thank you to QuiltSue, from Quilt Times for making the cute little button that I keep seeing around the Internet.  Remember, this is a low-key, no stress quilt along.  You can jump in anytime and work at your own pace.  We only post progress on the 1st of the month.  Sometimes I post more often, I just can't help myself!


  1. I LOVE your scrappy version of Country Charmer! It looks gorgeous!

    Tina's blocks are very beautiful too - thanks for sharing them with us here!

  2. Tina's quilt is going to be a show-stopper for sure.

    I think your completely scrappy version is quite wonderful, especially how you featherized it!

  3. Just love your Scrappy Country Charmer !!! Tina's quilt is going to be beautiful !

  4. Fabulous! I am sitting in an airport lounge smiling, laughing, and being inspired again and again! Tina's blocks are gorgeous, and Lynn, your quilting is just amazing...I see another award-winning quilt being produced. Also love the word "featherize". Thanks for linking and continuing to 'hold our hands' in Country Charmer world!

  5. Just WONDERFUL !!!!!!
    I like Tina`s Quilt too.

    Grit from Germany

  6. Tina's blocks are gorgeous. I love your scrappy one too, and the quilting. I too like the term featherized.

  7. You are a great featherizer. LOL! Your quilting is spectacular! I can't imagine how long that must take since you do everything freehand. I guess that is the beauty of owning your own machine. You can take your time and work at your own pace. I have to say, the third version is my personal favorite.

  8. Tina's quilt is fantastic. I love the red and green.

  9. Lynn, there are no words for your quilting! I just love your quilt!!!

  10. I'm already falling in love with this one!

  11. Hi Lynn - I came over from Sharon's blog to see this quilt and she is right, it is exquisite!! Your piecing is incredible and the quilting is beyond wonderful!! Thank you so much for inspiring me!!

  12. It's so pretty.. I like it so much...