Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Quilt Moving Day

Hello Everyone,
It was quilt moving day again.  Mr. Joe, Zinnie, and I, plus a large storage bag of quilts made the 1-1/2 drive to Sacramento to Quilters' Corner, a "must see" shop.  When I go there to drop quilts off, I always come home with material to make more!  They currently have Country Charmer on display.  

I brought Madrigal home with me to pass on to another shop.

Heartfire is on display over the French General section.

Quilters' Corner has wonderful color walls.

I spent quite a bit of time in the reproduction area browsing through the bolts and seeing fabrics that were new to me.

They also have a great 30's section.

The batiks looked good enough to eat!

Quilters' Corner has a very friendly staff that are extremely helpful.  I forgot to take a picture of their big classroom where they offer a full range of classes for all levels of quilters.  One of these days I'll be teaching in their classroom!  The next time any of you are in the Sacramento area, check out Quilters' Corner.  Plan on spending lots of time, there's so much quilty goodness to see and touch!

I'll be working on my applique pumpkins this week.  Applique is slow and since I'm still in the early stages of design, there is quite of bit of drawing and redrawing to get everything just right.  So if you don't hear from me for a few days at a time, just know that I'm busy working on my new pattern that I want to roll out in September.....which will be here in two shakes of a lamb's tail!



  1. Looks like a fantastic shop. I sure wish that we had a shop or two with the repro civil war fabrics here. I'd order online but dog gone it, I like to see and feel the fabric - that's half the fun.

  2. What fun and no heavy lifting involved! How nice that Zinny could come along, too! I may have to put this shop on my list for next time, Lynn!

  3. Oh that shop looks great! And your quilts look so wonderful!

  4. Your quilts are fabulous! How much fun it must be to see them hanging.

  5. The shop looks wonderful, and what a lovely display of fabrics under your quilts. I'm looking forward to seeing your pumpkins as they "ripen" and become a full quilt.

  6. So nice to see your quilts hanging at their lovely shop!