Thursday, May 16, 2013

Barn Raising

Hello Everyone,
The barn is coming together for the Autumn quilt.  I wanted to add more color, so I made a patchwork roof.  This is far from finished, but it is together enough that I can show you what I'm working on.

Mr. Joe came up with the idea to put a pumpkin advertisement on the side of the barn.  These wonderful antique canning labels are available at Olde America Antiques website.  The quality of the prints are top notch.  Eight arrived in the mail today and I was all ready to applique it right on the side of the barn.

I searched through my stash and found the best fabric to use as the hex sign for the barn.  Sometimes when you rummage through your stash serendipity happens!

Another great find was the fabric for the top of the acorn.  I knew what I wanted to use.....I won't tell you how long it took me to find this little scrap.....but it was worth the search.

I'll be filling in down at the shop today and Friday.  Today I'm working with Lisa and we always manage to get into mischief.  We conspire together and select fabric for a new kit, or create new fat eighth bundles.  You know what they say, "When the boss is away, the mice will play!" 



  1. Morning Lynn, I love the barn, but that roof is over the top! Awesome!

  2. Gorgeous! I love it! You are so talented!

    Cheery wave from

  3. Your little barn is just too darn cute!!

  4. Oh my gosh, the barn!!!!

    You two have lot's of fun planning & playing at the shop...wished I was there, too!!


  5. Woww, I am speechless - and we all know that doesn't happen often! I love this quilt. So when is the pattern going to be available?

  6. Just look at the cute barn ! Love the patchwork roof and the pumpkin advertisement on the side of the barn is Adorable ! Love it !

  7. Looking good so far and I love your bit about playing at the shop.

  8. Wow Lynn, it's coming together nicely and I love the barn and the pumpkin advertisement. What a great touch. Can't wait to see it all put together!! Hugs!

  9. This is so lovely to look at and so very detailed.


  10. This one I have got to do.....appliqué is my favorite thing....and then to get this darling quilt to

  11. Oh what fun catching up, Lynn! I can tell this is going to be another Fall quilt right up my alley! Mr. Joe had a fantastic idea, too! It looks like you gals had your run of the shop while Melissa was at market - I see way too much fun going on (wink)! I didn't run into Melissa, but sure had a great time!