Saturday, October 5, 2013

What Happens in the City.........

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday we played tourists in San if you couldn't guess where we were.

Had we worn flowers in our hair as the famous song suggests, they would have blown into the next county!  My sister Gail joined us for our latest adventure.

It was windy yet warm as we walked across part of the Golden Gate Bridge.  I wish there was a bridge to the United Kingdom so Quilt Sue and I could make quick trips to see each other.

We did it all from the Crookedest Street in the World..... riding the cable cars.  There's Alcatraz in the background.  I guess that's where the quilt police are incarcerated, as well they should.

What happens in San Francisco, stays in San Francisco.

From sunrise to sundown, we had a fabulous day.

Today is our last day together.  We have a long list to cover from soccer games, to cheerleading, to shopping, to a good old-fashioned American barbecue. Quilt Sue's visit has been way too short.  A strong bond across the pond started with quilting and blossomed into a treasured friendship.  We've made memories over the past twelve days that I will hold dear forever.



  1. Oh my - it's over? That did go by fast and I so appreciate you sharing it all with us.

  2. And the Nancie Anne Family was so blessed to have shared a few days exploring and laughing with our new, now old friends...and don't think for a second I believe that Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil pose! We might be the Clampetts, but we ain't shopping for a big fancy red bridge yet!!!

  3. I think we will all miss your adventures :)
    Safe travels everyone!!!

  4. I'm actually near to shedding a tear that you two have to part ways soon, Lynn....or is it a tear from hearing all that laughter all the way up here! At any rate, I couldn't be more tickled that you and Sue (and Nancie Anne) have formed wonderful new friendships! Hopefully Sue's luggage won't tip the scales at the airport going home - heaven help you all if she has to stay (wink)!

  5. Time goes too fast when you are having a lovely time and I know it will be hard for both of you, but the memories will stay and the internet will keep you in touch. It's been so good keeping up with your photos and descriptions, but I'm sure you'll post some more. Both of you take care.

  6. You girls have really have had way too much fun.

    I'm looking forward to meeting you when you come on the reciprocal visit (I'm sure you must have already talked about it .....)

  7. Way too much fun girls................

  8. What a fabulous time you have been having! Such memories you have made with Sue and Gail. Thanks so much for sharing so much with us...could you also share the chocolate Sue told us about? Giggle...