Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Patchwork Math Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday the classroom at In Between Stitches was filled with creativity.  The girls put on their thinking caps, dusted off their math skills, and dug right in making components from my Patchwork Math book.

They began by making half square triangles, 8 at a time using squares.  Then we moved on to quarter square triangles and their blocks started coming together.  We worked our way through the equations first, then concentrated on the piecing techniques.

We progressed to corner in a triangles, square in a square and flying geese.

Then the playing began.  It was a great deal of fun watching the girls arrange their components. They turned pieces every which way and came up with some beautiful blocks.  This group of girls were so much fun......even Frick and Frack.  (Sorry, inside joke, but you know who you are!)

The girls now have the equations to make all of these above components any size they need for blocks, sashings or borders.  They are only limited by their imaginations.  Part II of this class is next month, and I know they are going to soar with creativity.

It's a good thing to go outside you comfort level, stretch your brains, and do something totally outside the box.  I'm convinced that quilting keeps your brain active and engaged.  I'm off to engage my brain in some housekeeping....B-O-R-I-N-G.....but it has to be done before I can start playing.



  1. I think this is a wonderful class idea - trying to convince my Mom we need to incorporate this. I was horrible in school math - but I know my quilt math!

  2. Lynnnnnnnn...if you're really bored, my address is.....

  3. Wonderful blocks. A great idea to play with them.

  4. I needed to be in that class, Lynn! Can't wait for the book to arrive. If you find a way to make housecleaning be less boring, I'll pay double for that book!

  5. Sounds like you had some substitute Sues and Nancys in class! Do they need tiaras too?

  6. Sounds like all those brains were being creatively stretched. There are some great ideas there!

  7. It sounds like you had some fun students there. I hope they weren't as naughty as Nancy and I were!

  8. I'm with you Lynn on keeping your brain active with quilting, so mine must be stale at the moment, as I've not done any sewing/crafting for months. Soon!!!! I love what the girls have done with some of those blocks. Take care.