Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Day at Bearly Quilting

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday, I spent a day with the BQTs at Bearly Quilting in Sonora, CA.  There were a lot of talented quilters in the room!

The year has changed a couple of times.  Hand quilting this magnificent quilt is going to take a bit of time!

The amount of detail was incredible.  Just look at the fabric in the tail feathers.

Here's my buddy Kaaren displaying her wonderful quilt.

The next two pictures are postcards.   I should make one (if I knew how) and send it to Quilt Sue in England!

Never in my life have I seen such tiny stippling!

Vibrant colors in this set!  They almost look like velvet.


Penny wanted to make sure I saw the blah, blah, blah on her project.  This is going to be a cute project.

Here's a picture of part of the BQTs in the classroom at Bearly Quilting.  Thank you girls for letting me quilt with you.  I can't think of a better way to spend my day.

I woke up to snow this morning!  What a wonderful sight since we are experiencing a horrible drought here in California.  These are the first flakes we've seen at our cabin this year.  There isn't much on the ground, but we will gladly take any drop of moisture we get. Time for me to sign off and do my "snow dance".



  1. SO fun to see all of the wonderful quilts being worked on ! We got rain here hoping for some snow YEAHHH!

  2. What fun, Lynn! Nothing better than a room full of quilting cohorts ;>) Yay for the snow - it's falling here, too!

  3. Oh! I love that little pouch and pin cushion . . . what a gem, and your friend Kaaren's quilt. I must be in the mood for bright and brilliant colors today, because these two projects just pulled at my heart strings:)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. Some wonderful eye candy Lynn , thanks so much for sharing your friends work with us :-)

  5. Isn't this the other shop we wanted to visit but they were closed the day we were driving thru? The appleekay is amazing! So pretty...and such friendly faces!
    Its not hard to envision our Sue zipping around in that Mini Cooper convertible with her hair blowing in the wind!

  6. Nice projects!
    It's raining and I don't think anyone is complaining.Maybe. just maybe we will even get more.
    Pam in Bakersfield

  7. Some lovely projects, and yes, the postcards are just great. Not that I'm biased or anything you understand.