Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Olympic Style Quilting

Hello Everyone,
The following "eye candy" is brought to you by the Sew'n Wild Oaks girls who come to In Between Stitches the 2nd Tuesday of the month to chat and sew their hearts out!  They are a phenomenal group of ladies and they are finishers.  This is Barbara B. with her  fabulous Taos quilt by Whirligig Designs.
Yesterday I felt like I hit the quilting mega-millions lottery when the girls started unpacking all of their totes and boxes full of quilted goodies.  Jollyne brought in her Harvest of Hope finished top.

She added wonderful details to her little scarecrow.  I loved the fringe coming out of his pant legs and sleeves.

Barbara G. showed us her gorgeous and completely finished Minglewood quilt.  The Minglewood book is available at the shop.  Barbara completed all of the binding thanks to the Olympics!  This quilt was a BOM offered through In Between Stitches.

Barbara B. finished her barn on her Harvest quilt.  I love the cross-stitched B on the clever!

Kathy finished an adorable heirloom pillowcase for her granddaughter.  The details and Kathy's precise stitches are a work of art.

Suzanne's October Magic is becoming magical!

Love the blue shoes!

Carol is determined to finish her flowers for Summer's Blush/Winter's Warmth.  You are almost finished Carol!

Jan brought in her harvest of pumpkins.  Loves the plaids!

We had lots of little baskets from Kaye all cut and ready to be sewn from her block layout sheet.

Jan's colorful baskets started to decorate the design wall.

 Gail makes her baskets four at a time from her layout sheets.  They went from this stage to.....

finished!  All of the baskets are for For The Love of Baskets.

Barbara is also making baskets for a Springtime version.

Paula is designing a house....look at all of her blueprints!  Actually, she's preparing all of her applique pieces on freezer paper for her Harvest quilt.  I think she's done!

Susan is making a gorgeous leaf quilt.  Her collection of  batiks was to die for!

 Here are all of my girls hard at work.

We stop just long enough to eat, and to admire, encourage and support each other.  It takes a village to build a quilt.....this classroom of quilters have finished enough quilts to decorate an entire city! My girls are the best!  I've totally run out of adjectives so I have to sign off for now and replenish my supply of adjectives for next month!



  1. Loved seeing all the eye candy. What a great group of finishers.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Looks like lots of fun ! Loved seeing what everyone is working on. Was a nice classroom with all the design walls !

  3. Wow - what a great bunch of quilts and blocks! Love the first quilt - spectacular.

  4. For cryin' out loud, Lynn! Are you blogging again???? :D
    What a great group to be a part of. The "Barbs" were flying and the quilts are even more beautiful in person. This is truly an inspiring group of ladies.

  5. What wonderfully talented ladies and so productive. Take care.

  6. Your girls are truly amazing, Lynn! I can only imagine the buzz and fun in that room and how everyone surely looks forward to getting together!

  7. Your gals sure work well and work fast! The quilt tops are stunning! Love the baskets too...Gail is keeping her nose to the grindstone! Such a super productive class!

  8. I just love how everyone's adding their own touches to blocks like with the scarecrow, and the blue shoes.