Friday, February 21, 2014

Potty Mouth Piecers Day Two

Hello Everyone,

My time has come to an end at the Potty Mouth Piercer Annual Retreat. I got so much accomplished in just two days on my new design.  If I had two more full days of quilting totally free on interruptions, this quilt would be done!  Well, not really, but I'd be way ahead of the game.
I put a few of the blocks up on the design wall.  I finished 60 squares in a square, 80 HST for the basket blocks, and 20 double flying geese for the first round of the medallion quilt.  Then I started working on the basket blocks.  I'm taking parts and pieces from previous designs with a few modification, and incorporating them into a new quilt.  This quilt is going to be 80" x 80" so there are going to be many more rounds added to the medallion.  I'm only incorporating quilting components from my Patchwork Math book.

Mauna is working on stockings for lady to get them started now.  Look at the flange under the name!  I do love a flange!

Kaaren finished another pillow she made out of wool for a friend who collects quails.

Even the back is attractive!

There's so much detail from topknot to toe.

Shirley and Mauna are making strip sets for a block exchange.  Each of their work areas were filled with strips.

Here is part of our workspace.  We each had our own area so we could sew and watch the Olympics or listen to music.  The cutting table is a dream, and we all took advantage of it to save on back strain.  Denise is working on a wonderful new design which you are going to love.  I will be sure and post a link to her site when the pattern is ready.  It's gorgeous and so are her fabrics!

Here's a sample of what we had to eat.  My contribution to the retreat was breakfast yesterday.   I promise I will post recipes in my recipe tab at the top of the blog.  We began with an orange coffee cake.

With a fruit salad......

.....and Fiesta Brunch.  This dish is made with eggs, corn tortillas, sausage, cheese and spices.

For our dinner, Denise prepared homemade chicken enchiladas.  Our plates were licked clean!  We ate like royalty. 

I had to say goodbye to the girls last night.  I'm going to miss them, Kaaren's studio and the fabulous meals.  A quilting retreat is a great way to spend your day.  Everyone is focused on quilting, and you can always ask for a consultation when needed. I had a wonderful time and look forward to being with the girls again next year.

This was my first year as an official Potty Mouth Piecer.  In the past, I've visited with the girls and I've had them over to our cabin for wine and cheese.  But this year I became official.  I passed the hazing, and I didn't get "thrown off the quilting island".

Here's a special "shout out" to Pam who couldn't make it this year.  We missed you Pam and we hope you will feel better soon.  It was good to hear your voice yesterday.  I'm looking forward to seeing you at In Between Stitches soon.

Today it's back to the real world for me.....housecleaning the cabin for company this weekend.  Friends always stay at our cabin this time every year to celebrate family birthdays.  I have to get out the long duster and get after the cobwebs that have a way of multiplying like bunnies!  I can't use the line that I'm decorating the cabin for Halloween anymore!



  1. I am curious about the name of your group?

  2. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.....the food looked delish.....your quilt is looking like it coming along.....and a beautiful design....

  3. I totally need to join your group -- I'm often accused of swearing like a sailor!

  4. I love the progress on your own quilt and that food looks awfully yummy. Take care.

  5. It sounds like a perfect quilter's weekend, surrounded by good food, good friends, and good fabric!

  6. Having you here was a complete joy, Lynn, and now that you've passed muster, we hope next year's visit will be a lot longer! Your empty table looks lonely!

  7. Looks like a wonderful set up for a retreat, especially the raised cutting table! And you girls don't kid around when it comes to good eats!!!

  8. I am sooo jealous, it must have been such fun. It doesn't look as though you went hungry! Some lovely work being done by your friends and your quilt is really looking wonderful.

  9. Must not have been much potty mouthing at your retreat what with all that good food going in your mouths(wink)! Seriously, look at all the gorgeous work!