Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sweat Shop Day Two

 Hello Everyone,

Here she is, Lil' Orphan Scrappy in all her glory.  Six rows are sewn together, five more rows to go.  After this picture was taken, we finished adding another row.  Thanks to Gail, all of the rest of the blocks are finished.  They only need their setting triangles sewn on and then assembled into the last four rows.  It is going to be a BIG, scrappy quilt!

What are your thoughts about a border.  Do you think it needs one?  I'm undecided, and it will be easier to make that decision once the entire quilt is together.
The amazing thing about this quilt is that each and every scrap came from my stash of Marcus Fabrics.  Maybe I should have named it Lil' Orphan Marcus.  The largest piece of fabric used in this quilt is only 5-1/4" x 5-1/4".

The following is Gail's narrative of our day.  No expense was spared on her lunch for those of you wondering if we fed her during her stay at the sweat shop.  ~~Lynn
Good Morning Everyone...Yes, Lynn let me wander away from my workstation long enough for a delicious char-broiled burger at The Lube Room up the road in Dorrington.  I had mentioned yesterday that my machine needed oiling.  Lynn thought I said I needed oiling, hence the trip to "The Lube Room"!  She just takes me so literally, or maybe she needs a hearing aid. We both decided it was one of the best burgers we've had!  It's quite a colorful place, as you can see below.  One could stare at the walls and ceiling for ages and never see it all, just like at Lynn's cabin.  It's a little disturbing, however, as you have all these dead animals suspended from the ceiling watching you eat your burger!

You'll be happy to hear I did get my 18 blocks finished and without a single cookie!  Must have been that burger that spurred me on!  However, the accountant in me calculated that those 18 blocks are only 20% of the total.  Do you think Lynn will still give me credit for helping? 

Lynn again.  Mazey decided to behave herself and plunked down in front of the quilt long enough for me to take a picture.  She is a beautiful girl.......squirrely, but beautiful.  We heard through the mountain grapevine that two bears are patrolling our neighborhood. We've been walking every morning between 5:30am and 5:45am to take Mazey out for her morning constitutional.  This morning we took a big walking stick with us.  Like that is going to do any good!  But I felt so much safer just having it with us.  I just need to run faster than Gail!

Now that my job is done here AND due to the bear sightings, think it's time I hit the road for home this morning.  All kidding aside, Lynn and I always have fun whenever we get together, whether it's on a road trip or hiding away at the cabin for a marathon quilting session!  Sisters are the best! Stay tuned as "Thelma and Louise" hit the road again next month to Chico, our old stomping grounds.
A final note, thanks to all who commented yesterday!  We always enjoy hearing from everyone!  And don't forget to lobby for more cookies for me!
Enjoy your day everyone and take care,


  1. Mazey has grown into a beautiful gal! I hate borders and this is so Civil War stars looking - and they didn't have borders either. I would take a burger over a cookie please.

  2. Wow,so beuatiufl and love your fabaric choice.

  3. Love the quilt so far and I would have to say no borders. This is so pretty. Civil War fabrics are my most favorite. Happy Saturday.

  4. What a wonderful time you gals have when you get together! Love seeing the quilt come together and hearing your stories. Walk with a bigger stick...and stay away from those bears!

  5. OMGosh you girls are funny....

  6. My first inclination was maybe piano keys...but then looking again, I have to agree that less is more. The Lube Room looks like a lot of fun, & I am so relieved that Gail has had more than porridge & cookies for sustenance. Mazey...I could just love her up all day! All she would have to do is bat those big brown eyes!
    If you happen upon those bears, tell them We are quite disappointed that they were not in attendance during HRH's visit. She was sooo looking forward to meeting them!

  7. I enjoyed this post and the last with the help of your partner in crime. What a wonderful sewing time with a delightful and helpful sister. And give that gal a big cookie, please!

  8. Looking forward to your visit to Chico! I would go with no borders and a dark binding. Fun post

  9. I sure wish my sister would take up quilting although with her twin 5 year olds and a full time job for both her and I, let alone that we live 4 hours apart, it would take us years to make a quilt! But, we would sure have fun trying! What is going on in Chico next month? That is not too far from me, if it is quilting related maybe I would make a trip to check it out.

  10. What a hoot - you two don't need any more entertainment than yourselves ;>) Good thing non of the bears decided to crash the party - you could have laughed them away! The quilt looks fabulous and I think borders aren't necessary at all. Hugs to Mazey - we're learning to play Paw Pong here in celebration of Mazey Ball!

  11. Beautiful work. Just use the "border" edge you have already on the left side, plus a vary narrow binding.

    1. Hi Karen,
      You are a "no reply" status so I can't send you a personal thank you email. No borders it is!

  12. When will the pattern for Little Orphan Scrappy come out? Its a nice pattern.