Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks 2015 Quilting Retreat

Hello Everyone,
On Monday, October 26th, these doors are going to open wide and welcome 35 quilters to Snowflake Lodge in Arnold, California for three days of non-stop quilting.

Here is a picture of just one side of the classroom area that I took last year before everyone arrived. 

This will be our home beginning Monday through Thursday.

There is a little bit of fall color.  California is so parched, the leaves are falling off the trees before they get a chance to turn color.

The girls walked around the lake twice a day last year.

There's a new little bridge for you this year so you won't have to ford the stream and get muddy feet.

The pine beetle is taking a toll on our pine trees.  You can see some of the casualties in the background.   The trees are so stressed from the lack of water, the insects literally suck the life out of them. We need a hard freeze to stop them in their tracks.

It is so peaceful, and restful at Blue Lake Springs.  If any of you saw the 1980's movie "Dirty Dancing", this looks like the area where it was filmed. Remember the dance scene where Jennifer Grey was lifted out of the water and suspended above Patrick Swayze's head?  That will NOT be happening next week.  If Mr. Joe tried it, both he and I would be in traction for weeks.  A nice slow waltz on the beach would be just fine with us.

I really enjoyed my afternoon stroll around the lake.

 Last one in is a rotten egg!
I'm starting the waiting list for my retreat next year.  Those in attendance this year get right of first refusal.....then I open it up to the waiting list.  So, if you are interested...............



  1. Thanks for posting these pictures, Lynn! They bring back a lot of good memories and a lot of fun. Made a lot of new friends at this retreat!!!! Looking forward to more good times at this years retreat. See you Monday.

  2. Most definitely put me on the waiting list for next year, Lynn! I can't wait to make the lovely lake stroll again in fall weather!...and sew up a storm! I can hear the laughter now for next week!

  3. Looking forward to it: I start packing tomorrow!! See you soon!! :-)

  4. It looks so wonderful. I'm sure you'll have a great time, and I expect to hear the laughter from here in the UK. xx