Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hanging of the Quilts

Hello Everyone,
Just want to touch base with you today to show you some of the quilts that we hung down at In Between Stitches yesterday. 
Reminds me of a poem....
"The quilts were hung by the fabrics with care, in hopes that shoppers soon would be there."
(I swear I haven't been nipping at the Christmas Schnapps this early in the day!)

The panoramic feature on my phone is kinda fun.  From left to right Lil' Orphan Scrappy, Madrigal (made by Gail), Country Corners (made by Irene), Country Charmer, and Party in the Garden.

It's great to have friends and a sister who can quilt!
Those of you who live locally have to go down to the shop and look at the window display that Leslie created.  The word enchanting comes to mind.  I will try to get a good picture so everyone can see them. 
I'm off to go shopping.....my least favorite part of the Holidays.  When I get back, I'll be ready for some of the Christmas Schnapps for an attitude adjustment!  Maybe I should......no never mind.....no open containers in the car.


  1. Maybe egg nog?!! What beauty in one spot. How I wish I live closer. But it is kind of frustrating as your blog motivates me and my machine has been broken for two weeks now! Of course at the exact time my husband got his lay off for the season. I also have an old Kenmore I use mostly for free motion because theres no markings for seam allowance and when sewing triangles it chews up the ends so its useless to me now as a back up. So very frustrating. I tell you this because your time in posting as well as your work is inspiring and motivating to us all. And very much appreciated!

  2. Love the display: so warm and inviting! And the shopping part of Christmas: I'm with you! I need to get sewing, but I caught a bugger of a cold and have spent the day dragging around! The joys of the season!! Tell Gail hi for me. :-) Hugs, H

  3. What a beautiful display of quilts in the shop :-D

    Most shopping done here. My kids make a Amazon wish list and I just pick things from their list and it is delivered to my front door. Now if I could just get someone to doing the wrapping for me ;-)

  4. How gorgeous the wall looks with yours, Gail's and Irene's beautiful creations! I just have a feeling Santa will be good to you gals this year - you've all worked so hard!

  5. Beautiful display Lynn. Can't wait to see what is being offered next year(yikes 2016 all ready), by all the talent in the shop. Good job to all and looking forward to seeing Leslie's windows . Hugs!!!!!

  6. The little room is beautiful! And the quilts make the fabric bolts pop!! Enjoy your shopping!

  7. The little room is beautiful! And the quilts make the fabric bolts pop!! Enjoy your shopping!