Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Moda Sampler Shuffle Blocks

Hello Everyone,
The other day in class I worked on the easy and fun Moda Shuffle blocks.

Melissa posted the directions to three more of the blocks HERE.  Print them off, save them in a binder, and start shuffling.

Also, check out day #3 of Stuff My Stocking HERE.  The specials are only available if you order today.

We are getting some decent rain in California today......finally.  It is supposed to turn to snow tonight.  I can just hear our trees sigh with relief as they finally get a good soaking.

I'm afraid you won't be seeing much quilting coming out of me over the next few days.  I'm working on directions for Checkerberry, and for another project that I will post soon.  I'm also writing my Christmas cards.  I'll have Christmas music playing while I work at the dining room table on my projects.  The word of the day is COZY.  The fire is going in the wood-burning stove, the rain is pounding on the roof, and I'm snug as a bug......until Mazey whimpers and needs to go out in a downpour.  She's not allowed to go out by herself for several reasons.  We don't have a fence, she would never come back, and there are critters out there!




  1. I have a vision of you sitting by the stove cozy and warm with Mazey at your feet, Lynn! Enjoy the rain and let us know if Mr. Squash needs to make an emergency trip with his snowblower! Your blocks are gorgeous!

  2. I'm with Candace...Your words paint a wonderful picture. Enjoy the "Cozy"!!

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