Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Busy Yo-Yo Elf

Hello Everyone,
I've been so busy, just like all of you.  Today I plan to finish the shopping.  We are having are annual visit from Santa this Saturday night, so I have a ton to do between now and then. Grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, wrapping and the dreaded cleaning.  How can two people and a dog make such a mess and so much dust! I blame it on the dog.
I love to keep busy while sitting with Mr. Joe in the evening and watch TV.  This is my latest & white yo-yo's.  This pile is turning into decorated Christmas trees.

You can tell I have quite a few more yo-yo's to make.  If I make 20 a night, the tree on the left will be done, in addition to a couple of little trees too.  I bought boxes of pins with pearls at the end, and attached each yo-yo with three pins. (Every time I keyed in the word "pearlized", spell check changed it to paralyzed.)  I never knew spell check was also a mind reader! 

Some good news for you.....drum roll.....Checkerberry is featured on In Between Stitches Stuff My Stocking today.  Click HERE if you would like to make one and have him live in your house.  This picture is pure serendipity.  My daughter pointed out that Checkerberry is getting ready to throw a snowball.  Perfect timing for this shutterbug!

Another Stuff My Stocking special today only is my buddy Lisa's "I Love Us" pattern.  It's a beauty, and the pattern teaches you many different techniques.  Click HERE to get more information about this pattern.

So this paralyzed yo-yo is going to venture out into the crowded shops today.  Mr. Joe will tag along for moral support and run interference while I make my way through the other shoppers.  If I play my cards right, this outing could include a lunch date! I know I could shop online, but I like to shop local and support our vibrant downtown shopping district.  Visit your downtown area and help support the small businesses in your town.  We all need each other so we can all thrive.


  1. I love your yo-yo trees, Lynn! If I was doing that I would also be paralyzed and a little yo-yo myself! We've often wondered as well how the two of us and 8 little furry legs can make such a mess which is why we bit the bullet and hired a house cleaner, which equals more time for sewing! Happy shopping today - I'm sure Mr. Joe will make sure you don't get lost in the hustle and bustle!

  2. I know I'm late reading this so 'll just say that going by the photos on FB it looks as though you had a good time with Santa.