Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lil' Orphan Scrappy BOM Progress

Hello Everyone,
I have been trying very hard to keep up and get ahead on my Lil' Orphan Scrappy BOM that I'm running at In Between Stitches.

I have a binder filling with finished blocks.  Yesterday I cleared off my design wall so I could take a look and see what I have accomplished so far.

I'll be selecting more fabrics for upcoming months when I work at the shop on Monday.  I wanted to see what colors I need to add.  For starters I know I need to add purple.

Below is an image of my first Lil' Orphan Scrappy quilt.  After all of the blocks are finished, I will lay them out and stitch the corners triangles on each one of them to achieve this look.  Those corners totally transform the entire quilt and create a rick racky border look.  So if you don't like to add borders, then this is the quilt for you!

This is the final look that I'm trying to achieve. If you want to make a Lil' Orphan Scrappy along with me, the pattern is available HERE

Busy week ahead for me.  I work at the shop tomorrow.  Well I don't really work, I just chat with my buddies and customers.  I fondle all of the new bolts of fabric that arrived over the past week.  I select fabrics for BOM's.....just generally have fun.  Tuesday my "girls" will arrive for my Sew'n Wild Oaks class.  Thursday I still have room in my Checkerberry class.  I elected to offer another session since the Saturday class filled.
I have all of my "step outs" made and my class binder prepared for this little guy.  The only thing I'm missing is the real snow.

Gail thanks all of you for your good wishes for her husband.  There is a chance he will be released from the hospital today.  The hospital is starting to fill up with flu sufferers, so it may be best to transport Gail's husband to a germ free environment......HOME.

My hubby, Mr. Joe is scheduled for jury duty in San Francisco for Northern California District Court.  He is on call for two weeks!  If he gets on a trial, who knows how long he will be making that horrible commute into San Francisco.  If I had to go on trial for whatever reason, I would want Mr. Joe as a juror.  He would be fair, occasionally shows flashes of intelligence (he married me didn't he?) and he would be impartial. He actually wouldn't mind serving on a's the commute into the City that deters him.  I suggested he tell the judge that he's incontinent and he can't hear.  But he pointed out to me that he can't lie!

So there's our week in a nutshell.  I'll let you know how it cracks open.



  1. There will be a whole lot of scrappiness going on here, shortly! Every time I see these blocks, they make me smile, Lynn! I hope for Mr. Joe's sake that he gets on a rip-roaring, snooze-less trial for all the work it will take getting there! Glad to hear Gail's hubby is going home!

  2. Love your Lil Orphan quilt/s...what a great way to use up scraps.

  3. Your blocks and quilt are delightful! Glad Gail's hubby is on his way home. Sounds like your hubby is the perfect jury candidate!

  4. Well, I'm behind on things! Please give Gail a huge hug from me when you see her.
    Good luck to Judge safe in the commute.
    Little Orphan Scrappy is sure coming along...I had to slap my hand really hard to keep from ordering it...really, really hard!