Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Walking in the Park

Hello Everyone,
Along with the end of the year accounting, I've been walking in the park....literally since I'm working on Walk in the Park, a free pattern by Kim Diehl.

As the date for my Let's Make a Diehl class at In Between Stitches gets closer, I'll post a tutorial on how I make the blocks. They go together so quickly especially since I make my half-square triangles 8 at a time.  My tutorial is located HERE.

I make 8 HST, then make two blocks.  I rotate the HST to change up the look of the blocks.

Then I put a frame around the blocks.

The frames really change the look of the blocks.

I have six more blocks waiting in the wings on my design wall.  The fabric that I'm using is called Sunday Best by Kim Diehl.  Working with the combinations of color has been lots of fun.  The fabric will be available at In Between Stitches soon.  I'm loving it.

We are finally getting some REAL rain in California.  We haven't seen winter storms like this in four years.  When we see a patch of blue sky in the distance, we grab Mazey's leash and head outside so she can run.  If she can't run outside, she runs inside and drives us crazy with her high activity level. I have discovered that I can't hold the flashlight, umbrella and the leash at the same time.  I need a coal miner's hat to light our way!  Maybe I need to train her to sleep in until the sun comes up.....what a concept.

For those of you who follow my blog, know that my sister Gail is my right hand helper with everything.  She is Thelma to my Louise. She would appreciates good thoughts sent her way as her husband has been in and out of the hospital since December 9th.  It has been a tough month for both of them.



  1. Fabulous blocks, Lynn....Churn Dash is my absolute favorite block! I love how you've made a Churn in a Churn! Maybe Mr. Joe could fashion a sort of doggie treadmill for Mazey in his there's a concept - all it needs is a patch of grass next to it ;>) We're sending lots of good karma to Gail and her hubby!

  2. Love the blocks... And prayers for your family.

  3. ❤️ Sending best wishes for good health to Gail's hubby

  4. Do love me some Diehl 😊 Looking forward to seeing the fabrics at In Between Stitches!

  5. So sorry to hear about Gail's hubby. Sending prayers.
    Love your blocks!

  6. Beautiful blocks Lynn! I love Kim's fabric lines, and she does have a way with designing quilts. I own all of her books! And tell Gail I'll put her and her husband in my prayers. I hope he improves soon! Hugs, H

  7. What beautiful blocks! I am a Kim Diehl fabric fan too, and these are just so pretty! Sending Gail a Giant Hug and keeping her and her husband in my prayers!!

  8. So sorry to hear about Gail's DH. Praying that he will be well again soon.

  9. I really appreciate all your thoughts and prayers! My husband is doing a little better and I hope to bring him home from the hospital this weekend. A special thank you to Lynn and Mr. Joe who drove up just to take me out for dinner last night. It really helped to perk up my spirits!

  10. Here is praying that 2016 is better for you Gail. I do hope that his condition improves. Now remember to take care of you - Caretakers also need prayers.

  11. I'm really glad Gail's husbands doing better.....and getting out of the hospital.....
    The fabrics you are using are's going to be a gorgeous quilt....

  12. Love these blocks and your fabric choices. Sending hugs and prayers to Gail and her hubby.