Friday, February 19, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Hello Everyone,
When I'm not quilting, I'm at quilting events.  Wednesday night was a very special event for In Between Stitches.  Many quilters buzzed on in to help Leslie and Melissa celebrate the shops 14th anniversary.

 Everyone received a free applique pattern.  There were many raffles too.

Lisa had a demonstration on how to make baskets from scraps and clothesline. They were adorable!

Many quilters gathered around Carrie's table.

She showed us how to make these floating stars using a new Creative Grids ruler.

In Between Stitches has become the local "watering hole" where quilters come from far and wide with a thirst for quilting knowledge, the newest fabrics, books, notions, and most importantly friendship.

In Between Stitches is a vibrant, happy place.  The classroom is always "buzzing" with activity and laughter where Leslie and Melissa have created a haven for quilters.  We all appreciate you and what you have given our community.  Here's to another 14 years and many, many more.



  1. And Lynn Wilder demonstrated Patchwork Math!!!
    What a great post, Lynn, for a great shop...It is truly a haven.

  2. Aww...wish I could've been there! I love that shop and the way those wonderful wood floors creak under my feet and the inspiration that takes at least 3 trips around the shop to take in! So sad that I'm so far away and missed out on that adorable Buzzy Bee applique pattern!

  3. Happy Anniversary Leslie and Melissa! Sure wish you could clone the shop and all your wonderful teachers up here in our neck of the woods!

  4. So sad: I missed it by just half a day!! I was in the shop Thurs. morning, on my way to my sister's. I looked for you, but you were nowhere to be found! :-) I did get the lovely applique pattern though!! I was told that you had something to do with it. :-) Hugs, H

  5. Happy anniversary to a lovely shop.I still remember the wonderful atmosphere there when I visited a couple or so years back. I hope I can visit again in the future.