Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Heritage

Hello Everyone,
The last three days I've bonded with my machine while making blocks for my new Heritage quilt.  The additional box of Macie's Journal fabrics arrived from Marcus Fabrics just in time for me to continue working.

I set my workspace up in the dining room at our cabin.  I've had a nice view of the trees and the snow.  As of yesterday there's only a little bit on snow left on the deck.

To make the job a little quicker, I make four log cabin blocks at a time.  Just like an assembly line.

I use my block layout sheet and make two intricate blocks at a time.  If I made more than two at a time, I might get confused.  There are dark squares.......

 .......and there are light squares.

Mazey, our gorgeous golden girl, loves to have her picture taken in front of my quilts.  Her main fault is that she eats everything in sight, shoes, socks, under garments, and napkins on your lap while you eat......but she leaves the quilts alone.

The last time I posted a picture of this quilt it looked like this.

Here it is with an additional 28 blocks added to it.  The intended design is appearing with the combination of lights and darks.  The design wall is 72" x 72", so you can see this is already a big quilt.

I have a full week ahead with two classes, and preparation for my new Let's Make a Diehl class next Saturday.  I'll try to squeeze out a few more Heritage blocks during the week......but it's going to be tough to dedicate more time to this quilt over the next two weeks.  A block a day maybe?  Then there are the dreaded days ahead of pattern writing.  I've already started writing......but it's slow and tedious. Maybe I'm slow and tedious?

In Between Stitches ordered bolts, and bolts of Macie's Journal fabric.  I'll let you know when the kits are available.  I really do need to finish writing the pattern!  I guess I need to finish making the quilt first.  I hear my sewing machine calling.



  1. As your quilt grows, so does my love for it - haha! Aren't I poetic this morning? s just gorgeous. And Mazey is pretty adorable too!

  2. Coming along just beautifully, Lynn - another gorgeous pattern. Funny about Maisey liking her pic with the quilts - my sister's dog automatically sits on any quilt/quilt layout that appears. Not sure what that is...Can you tell me more about your circular cutting mat? I've been looking to buy one but need more info. Thx.

  3. I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* this quilt!!! DDG! Get the paddles and revive my heart! And Mazey is just too darn she is protecting an heirloom quilt (and she IS!!) Well done, Lynn!

  4. I *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* this quilt!!! DDG! Get the paddles and revive my heart! And Mazey is just too darn she is protecting an heirloom quilt (and she IS!!) Well done, Lynn!

  5. I'm tickled you're bonding with your machine, Lynn! And what a bond it is....gorgeousness is being churned out by the hour! Good girl, Mazey - she is a very smart girl ;>)

  6. Love the quilt. Your amazing. And, of course Mazey is adorable.

  7. This is beautiful Lynn. Mazey is being a very good girl. She can have whatever she wants but DO NOT touch the quits. And I love the Mazeys Journal Fabric. Oh this is going to be fun!!!!!

  8. This is going to be a stunning quilt! You really do have a wonderful touch with designing quilts. And good thing Mazey leaves the quilts alone!! Have a wonderful week! Hugs, H

  9. I am loving your quilt. It is looking so nice. I want to start a quilt using your pattern.
    Matey is a cutie!

  10. Absolutely stunning! I love the colors -they are my favorite! Log Cabins are so beautiful.

  11. I loved seeing your deck through the window. Brings back some giggle-making memories. Your quilt is looking lovely.

  12. It's looking great, Lynn. I love your block layout sheets, I don't know any other designer that does that.
    Omg, you're going to the so flat out busy....Mazey is gorgeous.