Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Country Charmer in the Country

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a great day at Cloth and Quilts in Turlock.  The girls arrived with bins of fabric, and a cheery attitude and dug right in to learning how to make Country Charmer.

Barbara won a basket full of fat quarters which she decided to use in her quilt.  The pile went from this.... this
....then this
....and then she prepared two more blocks on her block layout sheets.

Judy started with this beautiful selection of fabrics.

In no time, she had her pieces cut out and ready for sewing.

Her sashing is going to be black and grey.....perfect for her blocks.

Mindy had a tower of Kim Diehl's Sunday Best fabrics which she combined with additional fabrics in the shop, and prepared many blocks. 

The Kim Diehl fabrics are a great choice to make this quilt.  Now why didn't I think of that?

Carolyn has seven granddaughters, and she brought in zip lock bags full of pastels left over from past quilts that she's made for the girls.  This quilt is a perfect use of scraps and is going to be so sweet.

Linda had two bins full of 3 Sisters Christmas fabrics.  We are kindred spirits since I have many of the same fabrics.  I admire her quilting precision and organization.

Susan took this class from me last year, and she FINISHED all of her beautiful blocks!  She also made additional blocks to increase the size of the quilt.

She made all of her sashing in class, and started in on some power sewing to get all of the rows together.

Susan selected the perfect fabric for her sashing.

You girls were so sweet and made me feel right at home in your "home" away from home.  How lucky you are to have access to such a vibrant quilt shop with a wonderful selection of fabrics, blocks of the month, and many clubs and classes.  A true gathering place.  I'm looking forward to many return trips to see you again in future classes.  Thank you all for the wonderful day.


  1. I love the template layout sheets that come with this pattern! Every pattern should come with this! You lay out the pieces and can visually see what you have got! Brilliant! Good for YOU!

  2. Oh my! There are some beautiful color combinations in these blocks. The final results will be very nice! Hope to see some finished in a later posting. Sounds like a fun day with some wonderful ladies.

  3. The more I see of these blocks, the more I need to make another Country Charmer.

  4. Wonderful fabric choices from a group of talented ladies! You chose a fun pattern for your fabric! I, too, will look forward to seeing finished blocks!

  5. SO fun to see everyones Country charmer blocks :-D
    My all time favorite quilt !!!!!!!!!!

  6. So many talented quilters! I'm happy you had a wonderful day, Thelma and Louise!

  7. There are so many wonderful CC blocks! Love seeing each and every one!

  8. What fun to see Country Charmer in so many different colorways! I think it would be beautiful with Kim Diehl fabrics as well. I hope they had fun learning from such a sweet teacher.

  9. WOW! AND yea to you for providing a layout sheet. This helps so many quilters to prevent all those wonderful "oops" and all that "ripping". You are such a good teacher. Love the colors in Susan's quilt!

  10. Duh... may I say that when life gets in the way.... I had not had time to look at my pattern for Country Charmer! What a great pattern and especially with the layout sheet. Hoping to have some time to look at my Math book and the Grammy Squares pattern next. Great work Lynn