Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Easter Line Up

Hello Everyone,
We are back home from our Easter celebration hosted by our eldest son and his wife.  They really made our Easter Sunday very special.  We all brought a dish to share for brunch, and of course there never is enough food.....NOT!

We do feel very blessed to call this cast of characters our family.  This is our "gene" Wilder photo.  Everyone is this picture has the Wilder gene, except for me.  But hey, I helped pass it on to everyone else!

This picture was taken four years ago.  The little boys are catching up to the rest of the group.  Our daughter (in the middle), is very concerned that over the years she is going to cause a dip in the line up, as the little boys are bound to shoot up, catch up or surpass their dads.  Then there's that senior couple on the other end......yes, the teeter-tooter is really going to swing in a downward direction.

Our daughter-in-law is very crafty, and has decorated their home beautifully.

While visiting with the kids, we were able to watch our grandson play a double hitter Little League game, and we were able to watch our granddaughter throw discus in an invitational track and field meet.  We had a VERY busy Saturday going from field to field.

Today is my get-ready-to-leave-again day.  I'm headed to Stockton tomorrow to teach a Patchwork Math workshop for the Tuleburg Quilt Guild.  I'll drive over to my sister's house in Benicia after class.  Thursday we will meet up with two of our "bestest" quilting buds and we will drive up to Colusa where we rented a little cottage for the weekend.  I'm teaching Cute as a Button and Country Charmer in the charming Friends Around the Block quilt shop.  It is going to be a mini-retreat weekend with lots of laughter, food, and maybe a bit of quilting.

I'll try to post when I can over the next few days.  In the meantime, keep on quilting!




  1. What a wonderful family Lynn! Enjoy your trip and class!

  2. Love the sense of humor, gene Wilder! But I see no crazy hair like the actor!