Thursday, April 25, 2019

Patchwork Math Workshop

Hello Everyone,
Spending the day with a group of quilters always puts a smile on my face.  My sister Gail and I were in Stockton yesterday with the Tuleburg Quilt Guild.  The day was off to a great start when Carol showed me her gorgeous Madrigal quilt.

She did a fantastic job on this one!  Madrigal is one of my favorite patterns, as it's simple yet classic.  I love the fabric that Carol used for the flange....perfect.

Every hour on the hour, the class gathered around the front desk while I presented a new component and formula to make that component any size they wanted.

The girls were very prolific and very creative.

My goal is to teach quilters basic quilting math, one quilter at a time.  I'm slowly working my way through Northern California!

They each made the same components.  The variations are endless.

Just look how the stripes lined up!  Extra credit for this quilter.

I am at my sister's house in Benicia.  As soon as our two girlfriends arrive, we are off the races to our next quilting gig at Friends Around the Block in Colusa.  I'm teaching Cute as a Button tomorrow, and Country Charmer on Saturday.  Let the giggling and quilting begin!


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