Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year.....The Perfect Day

Happy New Year to all!

Have you ever had the perfect day? A day that is so enjoyable you don't want it to end. Well reader, we had one of those days at Wilder's Last Resort this fine first day of 2010.

Santa Mike and Mrs. Mike arrived yesterday for the weekend. We managed to stay awake until 11pm before we called it a night.....because we had a busy day ahead of us.

Mrs. Mike (Kathy) brought up some of her homemade wheat bread and made delicious turkey sandwiches for us to take on our hike.

Homemade pumpkin cookies for our lunch also. Yummers!

We have our annual New Year's tradition. Come rain, sleet, or snow, we hike in to Alpine Lake Lodge and picnic on New Year's Day.

It's about a one mile walk from the winter parking area into the Lake Alpine Lodge that unfortunately is closed for the winter. We actually walk along State Highway 4 on the nicely groomed road that is closed to traffic from now until Spring.

The boys and Zinny were standing out by the Lake. Can you tell which one is Santa Mike?

Here I am with Kathy. We were laughing about out "hat hair." The snow was really coming down and it kept snowing the rest of our hike.
Here is our feast after our trek in to the Lodge. Look at all that fruit....we were trying to be good.

We took refuge on the front porch which is usually filled with diners throughout the summer season. It's sad to see it all boarded up. We were so grateful to have a roof over our heads. We sat on the porch and Kathy said she felt like we were on the inside of a snow globe.

Here's the dock at the shoreline of the frozen lake.

Zinny enjoyed here day in the snow and has been sleeping since we returned home.
Kathy is fixing dinner for us while I'm working on the post. The herb-crusted pork tenderloin is smelling mighty fine about now. I can see a salad and snap peas and yams from my vantage point. If I keep typing, I'm going to miss dinner!

I hope to have more perfect days in 2010.....and I hope you do also.

As always,


  1. I can almost smell the food in the kitchen... And your lunch looked wonderful! Zinny is so beautiful. I love the picture of you and Kathy, you two have not change a bit from when you were shorter. It's no wonder Santa Mike married Santa Kathy! What a lady,he must know he is one lucky Santa! Hair do's look great! when one has a pretty face the hair can do what it wants and it's still a lovely picture, it's the fact that counts the most. Love that house block too~ What a tease you are ~ ;0}LOVE IT! !

  2. Whoops with the fast little fingers.. "It's the face that counts the most" Sorry