Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Marathon Quilting Continues at the Cabin

Dear Quilting Friends,

The mini quilting marathon continues today with the wind raging outside and the snow is falling fast. The trees are whipping around so much that it seems like their branches are throwing snowballs at the house.

Just finished the little trellis block for the Party in the Garden BOM. It's a cute little block with lots of tiny pieces. The flowers each have five to six petals cut out from the large floral pattern in the fabric line. The open gate is inviting you to step inside the garden. Maybe this is an entrance to a secret garden? Maybe I've been up in the woods a bit too long!

Here's a picture of the outside of my workshop...a.k.a. my dining room. I'm surrounded by seven windows and I definitely get the feeling that I'm working inside a snow globe for most of the day.

Big, wet, soggy flakes today. We've probably had a foot of snow that has compressed itself to much less.

The bird feeder is looking a little top-heavy don't you think?

"I'm loving this cold, white stuff that sticks to my whiskers. I love to go galumping (not in spell check but you know what I mean) through the neighborhood. My companion says I look like the Loch Ness Monster...whatever that is. She is starting to call me Nessy and I'm not sure I like that. I lost one tennis ball today in a snow bank, maybe I'll find it in the spring thaw. Don't worry, I'll find more tennis balls covered with dust bunnies under the furniture. That's all for now. I have to go chase some squirrels then it's my nap time."

I'm not going bonkers....really I'm not. We've been enjoying each storm. The cabin is nice and toasty but I'm noticing that the wood supply isn't as plentiful as it was last week. I've been making pots of homemade soup and baking bread. We haven't lost that I've said that, we know what is going to happen!

Have a great day everyone.

As always,


  1. You do such lovely work.Stay warm, and have Joe chop some more wood for you.

  2. Thank you Chris. Good to hear from you. I'll pass your message on to Joe! Luckily he split some of the bigger stumps earlier this week before they were covered with snow. Hope to see you on Monday. -Lynn

  3. I think we must be neighbors, by the looks of your yard and the weather that we have is very much the same. I live in Shingletown. And I also sew in my dining/living room with a lot of windows.

  4. I forgot to ask where you are teaching this BOM at? It is gorgeous and looks like something I would love to try though I haven't done much in the way of applique.

  5. Oh my word!!! If that isn't enough to put you in a quilting mood, nothing will!!