Friday, January 8, 2010

Let's get back to QUILTING!!

Hello Friends,

The Holidays are behind us, the house is all put back together, and it's time to get back to quilting!

How many of you purchased some of the wonderful line of fabric from French General called Rouenneries? I've had a fat quarter collection just begging to be made into something beautiful for weeks. This fabric has a rich, linen-like feel, which makes it a pleasure to work with.

When Joe sees the pasta dryer coming out of the cupboard, his first thought is fettuccine's strip quilting time. ( I'm trying to convince him that quilting is much healthier for us.) The pasta dryer is the best invention for handling lots and lots of fabric strips.

You can see them at a glance. Organize them by color and it takes up much less room than having strips of fabric spread out across your work surface.

This fabric lends itself to a wonderful medallion-like center for an 8-1/2" block.

I want to have this quilt done and hanging in the shop before Valentine's Day. So stay tuned to see how I'm going to set these blocks.
So readers, what kind of quilter are you? Do you like to have your home perfectly tidy before you sit down to that quilting project that you've been dying to start? Or do you just start to quilt no matter what state your surroundings look like? I have to have my house picked up before I can sequester myself away in my sewing room. I don't like to have anything else hanging over my head or nagging at me when I start creating.

I've got multiple projects going right now. I always have a pieced quilt going while working on an applique project, just so I can see some progress since applique quilts seem to be completed at glacial speed!

Speaking of applique projects, the Party in the Garden blocks are coming together nicely. I'll be sharing more pictures soon.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

As always,

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  1. Hi Cindy,
    Thank you Cindy! This pattern is a new one that I'm designing as we speak! I'm calling it Heartfire. I'll have the quilt and the pattern in the shop by Valentine's Day. Check back soon and I'll have a picture of the layout on my blog. Hope to see you soon Cindy!