Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bear Meets Bird Feeder

Hello Everyone,

Here we go again! Our Critter Cam was very active the other night. This is a fairly young, and small bear walking around the fire pit looking for remnants of S'mores. 

No amount of duct tape is going to repair the bird feeder.

Our evening walks will be curtailed for awhile.

As always,



  1. Wow, great pictures! We hear a lot of coyotes around here but so far I have not seen any bears, at least not right in my neighborhood. We live close to a big fishing lake and state park, and there have been sightings around there. You are right, that birdhouse is beyond repair. Would you have known what dug into it if you had not captured the bear on camera?

  2. Being in the wilds sounds wonderful, but in reality it looks just plain scarey. What if you met him one day?

  3. Gasp. A bear in the back yard. Really? Oh my stars!

  4. You can keep your bears! yips! I'll keep my raccoons... Now we've got skunks showing up again, would you like a couple of skunks? Raccoons are cute to so mean. They really scare me!
    I'm off to TC to spend the day with Meg Hawkey, Crabapple Hill. Wonder what she is going to teach us? I am excited )) can you tell?

  5. OMG - that is one bright critter! Glad to know your critter cam works! We are currently using one as well, but to try to catch a human "critter"! I'd say you need to try steel bird feeders - lol!

  6. cool to get that on camera but at same time nerve wrecing to know he is in the area!