Thursday, March 14, 2013


Hello Everyone,
The borders are finished and sewn on Country Charmer. I've been saving the little beige and brown check just for the right quilt.

The old sled is great to display the quilts.  It is in more pictures than Zinnie!

The blocks in this quilt were made totally from the scraps basket by combining just about every color imaginable.  It's never to late to join the Country Charmer quilt along.  There is information about it HERE. Join us and use up some of those scraps that are sitting around just waiting to be made into a quilt.

It is a bit easier to see the check border in this picture.  Now I just have to decide how I'm going to fill the border with quilting.  I have a couple of ideas up my sleeve and I'm actually looking forward to quilting this baby and putting her in the finished column. 

I'll get the backing made today....and it's going to be scrappy to match the front.  Scrappy backs take more time to make, but I take a yard of this and a yard of that and stitch them together for a fun back.  If you make a scrappy back, remember to press the seams open to reduce the bulk.  You never know where the seams are going to come together with the front of the quilt, and your machine quilter might not be too happy with you.

I have a HandiQuilter and love it!  HandiQuilter offers a series of webinars that are very informative HERE.  I'm registered to watch one this morning called Finish Quilts With Modern Quilting Styles. I'm far from modern, but I know I'm going to learn some useful information during the webinar.  After watching a webinar, I want to run, not walk to my machine and start playing with different quilting designs.  All of the past webinars are in an archive that anyone can watch.  Great information!

I'm whittling away at the to-do list.  I promised myself not to add another item to it this week!  There's always next week.....and that list is getting longer by the day.



  1. That sashing and color of border just really let all those stars just float so nicely together.

  2. Oh Lynn! This is just beautiful! How talented you are!!! I've only worked on a couple of more blocks and I need to get going before the end of the month. Spring has bitten me and I've been working on some heavy spring cleaning around the house. Sometimes I wish there were two of me! LOL!!

  3. Wow Lynn,
    this is so fantastic. Your work is always so great.

    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Lynn, your quilt is stunning! I think your choice of fabrics for the sashing, 9-patches, and borders is just so perfect! Love the overall effect...well done! This weekend I hope to have a Country Charmer mini-marathon in my sewing corner and complete a few more blocks. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  5. I'm surprised Zinnie didn't jump in there to get her face time, Lynn! I love this darker version of Country Charmer! It really shows how you can combine just about any scrap and make it work! I'm so glad I save all my scraps! Thanks for the link to the webinars - I think I'm in need of one or twenty! Enjoy your time at the cabin!

  6. Wow-this quilt is so spectacular!

  7. Okay....that does it! I'm going to find our little wooden sled this weekend too! It's been in storage for awhile :-(
    The borders are wonderful and once again, you're way too prolific and putting us to shame!
    Love you anyhow.

  8. Stunning. I can't wait to see how you quilt it. I love checks.

  9. Looks lovey Lynn. The sashing really sets it all off beautifully...oh, I'm so way behind.
    Need more hours in the day.
    Have fun quilting..
    Julia ♥

  10. It is just gorgeous Lynn! Wow, in my dreams to have a quilt like yours. It is strikingly beautiful. You are the defination of "quilter". Fantastic fabric choices. You are amazing, just amazing!

  11. Beautiful! I love your Country Charmer.

  12. Gorgeous!
    Thanks for your review of the handiquilter. I have been entertaining the idea of a longarm machine but didn't want to lose an arm or leg to buy one. They seem to be the most reasonably priced for a machine.

  13. Normally the slightly-tricky piecing of this block would frighten me away, but seeing the finished quilt plus your excellent tutorial has inspired me. This quilt has officially joined my Bucket List.