Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Butterscotch Baskets Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
I'm alive and well, just way too busy to post over the last few days.  I was also busy printing patterns and preparing for the Butterscotch Baskets class that was yesterday at In Between Stitches.
Laurie finished one of her beautiful little Ohio Star blocks. 

Laurie has a large selection of Jo Morton fabrics that she is going to turn into fabulous baskets and stars.

They are going to look wonderful in her quilt.

I owe Susan a huge apology for not taking a picture of her finished block!  Let me describe it for you.  She fussy cut roses and plans on having them in every center.  The star points and baskets are going to be predominately pink and greens.....with a touch of black and pink in the baskets.  Her block was so pretty and I'm so sorry I didn't take a picture.  Susan kept us entertained throughout the day with her serenade about plaid.  It was just one of those spontaneous outbreaks of song, that I can't just had to be there!  She had us all laughing.

My sister Gail, and pattern tester extraordinaire, has been very busy making blocks and testing the pattern since December.  She had several basket blocks all set to go on her block layout sheet.

Here are a couple of them!  She's selected fabrics for the baskets that look like woven baskets.....perfect!

Just look at what she's done so far!  Her blocks were very inspirational for the whole class to see.....there is a light at the end of the Butterscotch tunnel!

Kate came in with some of the shop's bundles of reproduction fabrics that I put together some time ago.  She is making Sally's quilt.  The block is similar to mine but larger.  Sally's quilt class wasn't a "go" so I moved her into Butterscotch....for a two-fer class.  She learned the techniques for each quilt.

Here are Kate's first blocks.  I showed her the technique to use to make the hourglass units and she set right to work on her beautiful blocks.

Barbara started chain piecing and whipped three fantastic blocks together in no time at all.  Like all of the girls, she started with an interesting center and pulled the rest of the colors from that center block. It works every time.

She assembled all of the parts and pieces for a basket on her block layout sheet...

......and put her first little plaid basket together.

Barbara also brought in the center section of Toyland Tree to show us!  I loved seeing it in the light background.  Barbara, A.K.A. 'The Finisher' is amazing and so is her quilting.  I said once before that I can't design fast enough for her.....and now you can see why.  She started this quilt in January!

The pattern for Butterscotch Baskets is now down at the shop. I'll let you know when it will be posted on the website.  If you just can't wait to get the pattern, you can contact the shop directly HERE.  I'm off to deliver patterns and quilts today.  It's time to move some quilts around to other shops in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Keeping track of all my quilts is like herding cats!



  1. Wonderful work. You are so creative.

    Grit from Germany

  2. oooh those are pretty fabrics!! and beautiful in your blocks

  3. All that talent in one room - oh what, fun! I would have loved to hear Susan's tunes - and what about her cutting mat with the hearts? It's wonderful! I'm sure if the doors to the shop had been open on a warm day it would have been like the Pied Piper! Better lay a trail of kibble for your quilts, Lynn ;>)

  4. I had no idea all your patterns have this paper to prepare the fabrics. This makes it look much easier. I love the blocks here. It's wonderful fabric choices. I am limited in these fabrics though. I am heading over to In Between Stitches on Friday to pick up the suggested ruler for the CC quilts and I just might have to buy another pattern of yours. You have helped me to not fear patterns with small pieces and I am so happy to have been exposed to your special talent. Wow, this is great!!

  5. WOW!
    I wish I lived near where you taught.

  6. What a successful class! Everyone's blocks are just so beautiful. I bet there were smiles all around!

  7. Wish I could have been at your class Lynn...shame air-fares cost so much.
    Love Butterscotch Baskets..gorgeous colours!
    Julia ♥

  8. I just love those blocks!!! What a great quilt and it looks like the class is a resounding success!!!